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Wayne Rooney Leaving Manchester United Would Continue a Trend in World Football

If you've been keeping up with the news, you read that Paris Saint-Germain expressed interest in signing Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.

PSG is preparing a £40 million bid for the 27-year-old Englishman who is rumored to command a wage of £250,000 a week. A wage only a handful of clubs in the world could actually afford.

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SadeckJaffal3566d ago

Man PSG are buying all the players ?!?!
One of the last players who i never expected to leave man utd is rooney , and now they are giving him an offer ?!?!
Do you think guys he will leave ?

karim3566d ago

Can't see him leave United after the number of times he said he regretted his decisions but won't be shocked at all if it happens

SadeckJaffal3566d ago

Well we said that for ibra and t.silva and other !!
and they did go to PSG

KingPin3566d ago

well, if its for money, he should go. but he shouldn't be expecting to go there to win trophies. that club just isn't big enough. yeah maybe in the 90s they were a force but these days its sickening that rich clubs think throwing money solves all their problems.