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wantedboys4123d ago

haaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa madriiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddd

Thefreeman0124123d ago

If you were a true Madrid fan you would feel filthy about that should feel cheated yourself that you were handed such a win.I know as a United fan I would feel disgusted if that happened to us...

Diffraction_Fos4123d ago

So I guess you've got a lot to feel guilty for, then.

NewMonday4123d ago

now you know how the rest of the PL feel all season ;p

abzdine4123d ago

shut up! a win is a win

sdtarm4123d ago

more like hala referees

Lvl_up_gamer4123d ago

Because he wasn't jumping 5 feet in the air with his leg up in the chest area.

I understand MAN U fans are upset, but if you look at the goal Modric scored, it was a great goal. Nani on the field at that time wouldn't have made a difference. It was a great shot from 25 yards out. That goal right there would have still put Madrid into the next round.

The goal by Ronaldo is a different story. Had Nani been on the field, I believe Ronaldo wouldn't have scored...or had the opportunity to score that goal he got.

I think the issue here is that Ferguson didn't have Rooney on the field until late in the game and he had Giggs on instead of fielding Kagawa.

Either way, the game is over and Real Madrid are going to the next round.


Corepred44123d ago

Too much crying from Man U fans. Don't forget we just played against 3 games in a week against arguably the best teams in the world. Fatigued? No sh*t! All this talk about Man U dominating, blah blah, well no duh. The dudes are tired! Glorious week for Madridistas! Enjoy my fellow fans, don't let these guys crying ruin our moment for now.

TKCMuzzer4122d ago

Thats a lot of boasting for what was an average performance. For your sake I hope at some point you avoid Bayern Munich because I would make them favourites to win it from what I've seen.

Also, did Madrid not rest a few players on Saturday, you know, as they can't win the league.

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lugia 40004123d ago

Idiot referee ruined the game

Computersaysno4123d ago

Man United were rattled after the red card and Real Madrid were on top for that 10 minute period and took advantage but at no point in the game other than that did Madrid look the better side.

Harsh red card! Cmon refs dont ruin games, was a yellow at worst but there was no real danger or intent there.

Even Jose said the best team lost lol

Gamer19824123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Real Madrid dominated the game way before the sending off (nearly 70% possession) . Uniteds only goal came from an own goal. They couldn't score if they tried. They had to be gifted a goal..

Was a harsh red but raising your boot that high is always risky..

AJ Hartley4123d ago

Lol dick head since when does possesion mean anything nowadays so what 70% bet barca had more than that on the two recent occastions and madrid still beat them so dont talk about possesions cause at the end of the day its finishing your chances whether you havw 10% or 70%

ProjectVulcan4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Don't be silly. Madrid were allowed to have possession, because they couldn't do a thing with it (United intended to press tight but let them keep it when it was safe) and their counter attacking was to be nullified- United knew Madrid would have to attack, force the game at 0-0 or 1-0.

Madrid could have 100 percent possession for all United could care, if they couldn't score with it all or make a clear cut chance (they couldn't before the red) then United go through and don't give a toss...

When they lost the ball, United's plan was to attack quickly or take advantage of a set piece and guess what?

It worked.

United created better chances and caused more trouble than Madrid did while it was 11 on 11. Madrid dominated possession because they were allowed to, but United were the better side because they used what they had much better....

United forced the goal, it is ridiculous when idiots claim that it was a gifted goal as if it was a misplaced backpass or something, it was a forced cross right in front of the goal looking for anyone (including defenders!) to get a touch on it and go in. Valid goal. Not a gift.

I had City fans tell me United wouldn't have done any better against Madrid, Dortmund and Ajax when City got put out in the group stages, but this tie shows they were blatantly wrong.

ProjectVulcan4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Well what can you say. United were the better and smarter team over two legs with the better chances especially in tonight's game. They were in excellent control and had Madrid shut down for virtually the entire game and worked incredibly hard, up to of course the red card that wasn't.

Madrid's threat was virtually neutered when it was 11 on 11, United had the best chances in the first half and before the red, they also created some amazing chances after the red card!

It feels like a bitter injustice. If United were beaten by a simply better team but it just wasn't the case tonight, United were the better team. These games are always so tight, that it is difficult to separate sides without some significant event.

For shame, but Madrid got a big slice of luck when they needed it most and that often wins ties and tips the balance of games, you need the rub sometimes in big games and it just wasn't with United tonight.

I think United can be very proud of the way the game ended and the result, despite it being a negative one. Sometimes you get a huge chunk of luck and sometimes you get robbed by various powers.

Thats football eh!

Reminds me of the red card suffered by Rafael against Bayern 3 years ago, another dodgy decision that handed it to Bayern when they were clearly inferior. It happens.

krazykombatant4123d ago

Loooool hello there vulcan how are you doing whats that ref shouldnt have given red oh yeah ok. Its alright youll have next season

FlunkinMonkey4123d ago

So you think it was a Red card?

doncorleone4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

I agree with you about the card, but saying that United was the better team in both legs is wrong. Madrid dominated the first leg and today was pretty close even if manu dominated the first half. Also, they scored 3 beautiful goals and manu just took advantages of two defensive errors and weren't able to capitalize on their chances against in form diego lopez(like madrid in the first leg against de gea btw)

ProjectVulcan4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

"better and smarter team over two legs"

I said.

"saying that United was the better team in both legs is wrong"

Good that I didn't say that then isn't it? Saying better over two legs isn't the same thing as saying better in both legs.

PLEASE READ BETTER, before constructing your comment based on an innaccurate statement!

Madrid had more of the first leg, but United played smart and got a good result as well as created just as many clear cut chances.

United were the better team for most of the first hour of the second leg, had the better attacks and chances. For the ten minutes after the red card, Madrid were better unsurprisingly, then for the rest of the game again United were better and created even more fantastic chances but it was always going to be too difficult.

United's game plan in the first leg did a job, but tonight especially worked fantastically up until the ridiculous red card, you have to admit.

I think other teams will watch the game and see how United shut down Alonso and Ronaldo, and Madrid had little else to offer offensively prior to United going a man down. This will be the game other teams will watch before they play Madrid and that will do some damage.

I had money on Bayern to take it a while ago and feel pretty confident especially after seeing Madrid labour for an hour tonight.

Madrid won the game because exceptional circumstances favoured them, not really any other reason. When your own manager admits you weren't as good, when he says 11 v 11 you wouldn't have won, you should probably listen to him....

krazykombatant4123d ago

Played smart yet got a player sent offmfor playing "smart" looooool

The red card might not have happened in the the prem but this isnt the prem is it?

Both teams cancelled each other out in the first half.

I know your just angry howard webb couldn't ref the match shame really, considering how madrid had a disallowed goal plus a hand ball in the box.

If you're falling for mou's mind games youve got another thing coming.

I know its a bit late but had you gone to ITV+1 you could still see united in the champions

ProjectVulcan4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Played smart, yes. Outplayed Madrid and nullified them for the hour the game was on an even footing. Created more clear cut chances, and Madrid never even looked like scoring until after Nani was sent off. United did, rattling the post and splitting the defence a few times and they did score before....

The red card shouldn't have happened whether it was in Europe, the premier league, or on the Moon.....

United had the better chances in the first half, Madrid had barely a sniff. Ronaldo and Alonso were taken out the game by old man Giggs and kid Welbeck, it was fantastic.

I was right- Madrid were never going through without exceptional circumstances. I would fancy Madrid to go a bit further in the competition but based on tonight's evidence I don't think you are going to win it because there are better teams left in it.

What Mourinho mind games? The game was finished- none left to play. He spoke the truth, he wasn't impressed with the performance of Madrid and clearly felt he was very fortunate.

You needed great fortune to beat a better team tonight, and it is rare to get that throughout the competition.

I think Bayern are better than they were last year and that Madrid are poorer.

You can enjoy the win for now, because I probably would. But other teams can watch the game tonight and see how Madrid are quite beatable.

I can honestly say if Nani stays on the field as he should have, United would have put you to bed and I doubt you would have even scored such was the shift put in by United's midfield.

@ doncorleone

I am sorry if you didn't understand me BUT I wasn't playing with words, there is a distinct difference here between being better in both legs and being better over the two legs!

Being better IN both legs suggests you were a lot better overall, being better OVER 2 legs means edging it over the total of the 180 minutes. I didn't mean the first, I meant the latter which I felt was a fair description....

doncorleone4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Wow you're really playing with words here, sorry but english isnt my first language and when i said in both legs, i was referring to over two legs like you said. While I dont think Nani would have stopped Modric from scoring that beautiful goal,but, if you read well, I said that i agree with you that the red card was harsh and changed the game
And whats' up with that last statement you made with mourinho? im sure you arent always agreeing with sir alex when he says something ;)and roy keane said that nani did deserve the red card, do we have to agree with him because he is a lengend?i think not... And i think he was refering only to today s match, not OVER two legs(mourinho)
anyway peace man

BryanBegins4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Don't try to argue with Vulcan. He's not here for that. He's always here to write novels about what he thinks. Especially when it has to do with teams from England.

On topic : red card is harch but if United was really the best team, they should have been able to defend. At 1:0 United was just gonna defend anyway. Doesn't matter much to be one attacker down. If anything great teams step up when facing injustice. They don't collapse in 2 minutes.

Why o why4123d ago

I agree with both of ya both good points the sending off was harsh but man United would be expected not to capitulate. I was annoyed at the sending off and I'm a gooner. Roy should stfu be shoulda got put in the pen for some of his antics

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-Mezzo-4123d ago

WTH was that Referee thinking pulling that Red Card.

abzdine4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

for me there is red card cause Nani didnt pull his leg back he kept pushing.

he could see Arbeloa coming stop this because your favorite team lost

here take a look:

TKCMuzzer4122d ago

I'm sorry but if you play football you would be annoyed as anything at getting sent of for that. On your logic, you could say Arbaloa could see Nani's foot was up to control the ball but carried on running in to him endangering himself.

Any self respecting fan,no matter who they support should except the ref made a mistake and it was a booking at most, otherwise it could set a precedent that could only ruin football in general.

RGB4123d ago

Referee won the game, no two ways about that.

asmith23064123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

It's harsh but utd only had to hold out for thirty minutes, they conceded two in the space of ten minutes. When things like this happen you have to dig in, utd didn't.

RGB4123d ago

Obviously you wasn't watching. Madrid scored twice in 2 minutes, 3 according to UEFA's stats.

Harsh decision but Madrid's had their fair share of ridiculous decisions against them in the Champions League.

Roy Keane made plenty of decent points after the game on ITV. Harsh but that's football.

asmith23064123d ago

@rgb yeah, I said in the space of ten minutes, as in after the red. Did that confuse you?

Funny that when Chelsea managed to hold out against barca in the nou camp for a longer period with ten men, utd fans called them lucky. Similar thing happens to utd (at home, against a worse team, with a lead and less time remaining) they do nothing but blame the ref. As a neutral this is why I think most utd fans are hypocrites. The red was harsh but you are missing the point, a better team would have held out.

So to sum up, cry me a river.

badz1494123d ago

comparing this to last year's Chelsea? you're not very smart, are you?

yes Chelsea were down to 10 men but that was in the 1st leg and they were leading 1-0 and basically had all 10 players as defenders! and unlike Madrid, Barca players don't know how to shoot from outside the box!

Nes_Daze4123d ago

@badz149, correction, they choose to not shoot from outside the box...

zeddy4123d ago

yeah this happend against bayern too once rafa got sent off we couldnt cope, it was the same here but you got to think about the game plan, which they were working on for 3 weeks and which didnt involve a sending off and its agaisnt real madrid. the same would have happend to madrid if they went man down, how often do you see the team with 10 men win a or hold on in a game where both teams are very good. sure chelsea did it against barca but that wont ever happen again.

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Kur04123d ago

He booted him in the chest. That's a fair red card to me.

RedDevils4123d ago

You should've know that Roy Keane is a joke ever since Fergie given him the boot, he is bitter that is unbelievable *in Gary Voice*