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Mourinho puts referees under pressure, says Dani Alves

The Brazilian believes his dismissal in the 2011 Clasico was down to the influence of the Portuguese, and hit out at suggestions that Barcelona players do likewise

Barcelona defender Dani Alves believes Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho influences refereeing decisions due to his constant hounding of officials.

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krazykombatant2240d ago

This scum is talking about putting pressure on the ref Hahahahaha good onr.

RGB2239d ago

The diver should be ashamed that he made these comments.

KingPin2239d ago

riight and i suppose this is not putting pressure on the ref :p


asmith23062239d ago

Exactly. Barcelona are always all over the ref.

gunnerforlife2239d ago

thats like the pot calling the kettle black LOOOL