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Suarez in hot water over Ivanovic bite

The Uruguay international, who received a seven-match ban for a similar incident while playing in Holland, appeared to sink his teeth into the Chelsea centre-back.

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krazykombatant3578d ago

Why in the heck would you ever do that????? Before the thing about the racism thing yeah ok that was a cultural misunderstanding, but this, what an frigging idiot there goes any hopes of getting any awards this season.

Not to sure if Liverpool will show him the door, they need him badly but at the same time maybe not.

buddymagoo3578d ago

In Suarez's defence that bite was a cultural thing. In Uruguay biting is a form of affection!

krazykombatant3578d ago

LOL, indeed just as calling some one a black c*nt isn't racist is it? It's just a spur of the moment thing. Oh wait never mind its cuz Terry is british and white whilst the other one is a south american, who made the mistake of trusting the governing body to tell cultural slang from racism.

Just in case you missed it I disagree with this behavior.

Infernostew3578d ago

Suarez is a racist. I mean, he didn't even try to bite Evra, what's up with that?

Corepred43578d ago

Maybe he doesn't like chocolate? Lol

Cirran3577d ago

@krazy I get called a white c*nt all the time. I dont think its racist. Black people just think I'm a c* black people...which I prolly a loving, affectionately biting kinda way.

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KingPin3577d ago

can someone please explain to me why are they taking retrospective action against suarez.

i never watch the match but i seen the highlights. the ref didnt stop the match for this incident, nor did suarez get a card or a talking to.
now why is it that the FA feel the need to take action against suarez.
last month, we all remember the horrendous tackle in the wigan/newcastle match. same thing happened, the ref didnt see it, player didnt get carded or talking to and goes unpunished.
whats the difference between the two?
why only take action against one incident and not the other?

like i said, i haven't seen this live. i only seen it in the highlights so if im wrong, please correct me.

asmith23063577d ago

Completely agree. The highlights only showed it up anyway so whether you seen the game or not doesn't matter. There is something about Suarez that people love to jump on. I'm not condoning what he did but I have seen far worse that haven't had anything done about them afterwards. Many career ending tackles have gotten off with nothing. I think Suarez is just petty, biting like a little girl. But I would rather that than someone going through my legs at full speed any day of the week.