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Sahil4079d ago

yours and a lot of madrid fans ;D

BlmThug4079d ago

This has made my week :D

Bayern for the Treble

ProjectVulcan4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Well had me money on Bayern early on this season, looking good, probably picked another winner yet again :D

Guess those people who disliked me when I said Madrid won't win it might want to sit up and rethink their assessment...Dortmund are going to cause lots of problems for Madrid but Bayern as they have shown in Germany are on yet another level.

Bayern just shredded Barca here, outplayed in every position. You could argue two of their goals were a bit dodgy, but they were value for it and probably should have had pens for handballs. They just worked harder, made better chances.

Barcelona's keep ball Is interesting, but Bayern's attack was on another level of lethality.

Possession is not everything. Goals are.

neoragex4079d ago

Barca got Spanked and spanked hard!

RGB4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Barca completely destroyed, could of been worse as well.

Messi silenced all night, never produced a chance worthy of his talent nor passed well either. Best player in the world for years but tonight he was the worst in the game.

Bayern through to the final, no doubt about that and to be honest, Real and Dortmund don't stand a chance.

Pep walking into the best side it seems.

(Same comment as the other, cover if that one gets pulled. Why do people have to make multiple articles I'll never know)

neoragex4079d ago

Pep is lucky, he'll make this team more strong.

listenkids4078d ago

Pep + Gotze + the potential Lewandowski - Bayern will have it made.

krazykombatant4079d ago

approved this one since it has more comments, jesus absolute destruction, I wouldn't write barca completely off, I can see a 4-0 game at camp nou.

Imalwaysright4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Against Munich?

krazykombatant4079d ago

yes, playing at the camp nou always gives barca that extra needed edge.

Imalwaysright4079d ago

Bayern is the most consistent team in Europe right now. I can see Barcelona winning at home but i just can't see them scoring 4 goals against Bayern.

BlmThug4079d ago

Nah, Bayern will probably score more at Camp Nou thus firmly putting the match out of reach for Barca. Also, Barca will struggle to ever score that many goals against Barca anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.