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Highlights: Barcelona 0-3 Bayern Munich (Agg 0-7) (Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg 01/05/13)

0-1 Robben 48'
0-2 Pique 72' (og)
0-3 Muller 76'

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Sahil3570d ago

this is crazy!!

Ze germans are taking over.

BlmThug3570d ago

Amazing year in football. The new king is here in the form of Bayern. The Treble looks very likely now :D Bundesliga >> La Liga
Germany - 11
Spain - 3

lugia 40003570d ago

Excuse me:

Germany - 11
Madrid - 3

Consoldtobots3570d ago

a good big man will always beat a good small man

ijust2good3570d ago

Barcelona have not been the same...the excellent 2009 Barcelona were the best the football world have ever seen. Zavi, iniesta have passed there peak.

The germans are rising power again...not just in the pitch but in europe. They have technicaly brought out countries like Greece, Cyprus ect.

This is the rise of Germany.

Denethor_II3570d ago

"They have technicaly brought out countries like Greece, Cyprus ect."

Brought? No no no my simple friend the correct spelling is bought. Bought is the past tense of the word buy.

Sahil3570d ago

"Zavi, iniesta have passed there peak. "


MYSTERIO3603569d ago

I will be really crazy now if Bayern lose in the final again to Dortmund.

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Sandmano3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

LOOL Piques own goal was hilarious! xD

RedDevils3569d ago

It was an excellence goal LOL

asmith23063570d ago

Ouch! How the mighty have fallen.

xX_Altair_Xx3570d ago

I think this is just a dip for barca. They have too many good players to just 'end' like many are saying.

BlmThug3570d ago

Certainly not end but make way for the new kings. Barca are still world class, just not the best in the world anymore

ProjectVulcan3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

When they have injuries or lack of fitness, Barca do suffer. Their squad is not the best.

Barcelona's defence was also never very good (especially missing Puyol and Mascherano!), but it was shielded by a powerhouse midfield. You couldn't get the ball off them enough to hurt them.

I daresay that midfield is on a downhill slope. Xavi in particular is still class, but he is not getting any younger and he just can't protect the defence like he used to say 2 years ago.

A big battle here was where Schweinsteiger and Martinez bossed the midfield of both games, they were just brilliant and provided total protection and confidence for Bayern's defence.

Once you get the ball off Barca now, they used to press with huge energy and get it back. They don't or can't do that as well as they could.

Then when they don't have the ball and you have the pace to get at their falls apart.

Barca will be a power for a while yet, but Bayern are surely the best side in Europe right now, and Barca's cycle (for the moment) is over.

asmith23063570d ago

A fair opinion but I have never seen a team as good as Barca have been in recent times get such a drubbing at this stage of the Champions League. Bayern are a great team but are they really seven goals better than the worlds greatest team(as of late obviously)? I don't think so. Madrid had a terrible start in La Liga this year which is why Barca are so far ahead. I think this is way more serious than a "dip". They look completely out of ideas.

Sahil3570d ago

Lionel Messi - 1987
Gerard Pique - 1987
Pedro Rodriguez - 1987
Cesc Fabregas - 1987
Alex Song - 1987
Sergio Busquets - 1988
Alexis Sanchez - 1988
Jordi Alba - 1989
Jonathan dos Santos - 1990
Thiago Alcantara - 1991
Cristian Tello - 1991
Martin Montoya - 1991
Marc Bartra - 1991
Sergi Roberto - 1992
Rafael Alcantara - 1993
Gerard Deulofeu - 1994

They will be back.

buddymagoo3570d ago

I know Iniesta looks 40 but he is only 28 so plenty of life left in him too!

mcstorm3570d ago

The Problem with Barca is teams have worked out how to play against them and they are week at the back. If Barca can bring in some stronger players at the back then they will be a lot better than they have been this season but if they don't I don't think teams will go into the games against them being scared.

Should be interesting to see what happens with this team and Madrid at the end of the season. I do hope Ronaldo comes back to Old Trafford though he is just what we need to kick on from this season but I really don't see it.

seanpitt233569d ago

That made me feel old and I was only born in 1985 lol

Ben Dover3570d ago

Wow, I was expecting Bayern to go through but not by also slaughtering and humiliating Barcelona on their own ground. It was painful to watch Barcelona struggle and force a victory, which ultimately became their very own downfall. I guess this should provide enough indication that the Bundesliga in its current state is superior to La Liga, possibly the best one of Europe. Bayern definitely has my money to win the finals, their playstyle is simply amazing to watch and completely surpasses the quality of Barcelona.

Bayern – Barcelona = 7:0

Sahil3570d ago

The worst thing about this leg is Barca didn't even put a fight.

RGB3570d ago

You need to look at the strength and depth of the league before saying Bundesliga is above La Liga or EPL. Top to bottom, I'd say it's still behind them both.

Madrid played with passion yesterday and put in a great effort so close to qualification. Barca continued as was in the first leg.

As I said last week, Barca haven't been the same for at least 14 months and it's finally showing. Quality has worn away and without Messi they're literally nothing now. The only reason Barca have the league is because Madrid had such a terrible start.

majiebeast3570d ago

There is less slaughter in a slaughter house. Completely outclassed by a superior Bayern.

Pique just decided to really end it.

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