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'Everton are not big enough for Roberto Martinez' - Wigan owner Dave Whelan

The Latics' manager is favourite to replace Manchester United-bound David Moyes at the Toffees, but the owner insists that though allowed to leave, he will wait for a bigger offer.

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mmj3553d ago

Let me guess... he should stay at Championship Wigan until Barcelona come knocking.......... isn't that right Dave? I wish this guy would just shut up and let Martinez manage his own career.

asmith23063553d ago

If you read what he said he meant no disrespect. I agree with him. Martinez could easily manage a club bigger than Everton.

mmj3553d ago

Who bigger than Everton is realistically going to come in for him? if he stays at Wigan he will probably drop off the radar unless they go on to romp the league.

The really big clubs are going to want managers with big club experience, it sounds more like Whelan is trying to hold him back for selfish reasons.

Diffraction_Fos3552d ago

Whelan needs to stop yapping. He's been doing it a hell of a lot ever since Liverpool asked for an interview with Martinez in the summer. Now he can't stop forecasting his employee's future. I bet his wife spent most of her time at home with a pair of ear-plugs.