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Rooney 'hell bent' on leaving Manchester United

The England international has told friends he is convinced there is 'no way back' for him at Old Trafford and is adamant that he will not work with former Everton boss David Moyes

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jak3y13oy3552d ago

Bye Bye Rooney!

Rooney Bye Bye!

How much? £20m? or more? or less?

buddymagoo3550d ago

Rooney has been a legend at our club. He will probably end up staying. He's not the sharpest tool in the box and with his contract coming up his agent has probably told him he needs to push for more money by doing this.

I'm willing to bet big that he will stay at our club and unlike fans of other teams we should stick by him if he stays or goes.

jak3y13oy3550d ago

I agree that he has been a legend for United, im interested how he would play in a different league! :)

Pirates10i3551d ago

good riddance Rooney, you over stayed your welcome for a year or two now.. now you can sit around and eat your fried cheese burger and get bigger

ProjectVulcan3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

No problem. I don't think there are many worried United fans about this situation, unlike 3 years ago.

There are very few places to go after United for high profile players. Ronaldo left for Madrid, and has achieved less in the same time. Same went for Beckham, Stam and van Nistelrooy etc big names.

United have never needed his services less. He can be sold, Kagawa can play behind whichever striker United want, and United can find another attacker or midfielder and pay them less. Even someone like Fabregas would cost United considerably less in wages.

He has contributed a lot over the years, which is to be acknowledged. But when someone is genuinely adamant, they may as well leave as they are a detriment to the club.

When you look at the contribution Hernandez has made for example, his goals to minute ratio is utterly beserk. I believe United wouldn't even notice anymore if he left.

Actually Hernandez has the greatest goals to minute ratio of ANY regular player in the entire two decade history of the Premier League. He would be an easy 20+ goal a season striker given the chance. I would hope he could get more chances than he has.

There seems to be more clubs hoping to get Hernandez than Rooney, probably because he is less of an ego and less of a wage burden. If Rooney goes I want to see the little Mexican given first team football.

listenkids3550d ago

Let's all fling abuse at Rooney because we're 12.