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Arsenal can afford Rooney, says chief executive Gazidis

The Gunners honcho has revealed that the north London club are in a strong financial position to sign the Manchester United forward, who has asked to leave Old Trafford

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Sandmano3472d ago

really dont see him in Arsenal.

Yi-Long3469d ago

... first of all,WHY do they even need them!? He's a good player, maybe even GREAT player, but not 300,000 a week great, and he might already be past his prime as it is.

Also, he has stated he only wants to play up front in the striker position, and Arsenal has a few more players who want that position, including Walcott, who certainly won't be happy if he's stuck on the wings again.

Arsenal needs some improvements in other areas. Why waste money on a big-name player like Rooney, when you don't really NEED him!? It's just stupid.

PS4OUR3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

He won't win anything at Arsenal. I can't imagine any top tier player like Rooney who would want to move there.

I won't mind him moving away from United. He won't be missed. No one is bigger than the club. If he wants to leave they should let him leave. Bring in players who want to win big trophies...not bigger paychecks.

asmith23063469d ago

With Fergie gone, City have a new manager, along with Chelsea, who know how this season is going to go. Arsenal's biggest problem has always been consistency. They played well against the big teams last season, their results against the smaller teams let them down.

This is the first season in a long time where I can't make a call about who will finish first and second.

PS4OUR3469d ago

That is true. It will be a good season of football though i suspect Chelsea will be stronger.

Linwelin3469d ago

I would agree, but with all the big teams swapping and changing things around, this puts Liverpool in an excellent position to get in the top 4 and back where they belong, the Champions League.

mmj3463d ago

Sorry to say but he'd want to go somewhere where winning big trophies is realistic.