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Arsenal : €26 million for Higuaín or forget it

Real Madrid has set a price for Higuaín. It is determined not to go below €40 million. Arsenal, however, will not budge on its initial offer of €26 million and does not want to pay more for the Argentine.

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krazykombatant3421d ago

Lol wegner is in no position to be demanding final price.

mmj3421d ago

Wenger is probably not interested in signing him anyway unless he can him cheap (26m Euros), the bidding is probably just to appease the fans who constantly complaining about a lack of transfer activity.

gunnerforlife3421d ago

im sorry but he is not worth 40!! if you look at his stats from last year he is not even near 30, 19 goals and they want 40 M LOOOL are they having a laugh? for that 40 we could get Suarez, who is waayyy better then him.

krazykombatant3421d ago

Look at the stats from the year before last. When at his best, he is as good as suarez without the drawbacks of having him banned for matches.