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Cristiano is not the 'real' Ronaldo - Mourinho

The two-time Champions League winner has previously claimed that his compatriot "thinks he knows everything"

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Diffraction_Fos3339d ago

Oooooooohhhhh! The tween section of the football fans are NOT going to be happy about this. LOL.

KingPin3339d ago

mou got time for jokes.

well, lets see how he gets torres to score 50+ goals a season...oh wait...he wants rooney.

cristiano ronaldo is cristiano ronaldo. he isn't the next maradona, pele, eusabio.

krazykombatant3339d ago

So the mind games begin. Here is hoping we draw chelsea early in the champions league.

Mozilla893339d ago

This is simply being taken out of context. He was talking about how his time being an assistant coach at Barcelona and coaching the big names there such as Ronaldo helped him be a better coach.

And he simply wanted to clarify he was talking about Brazilian Ronaldo and not the Portugese one.

FlunkinMonkey3338d ago

Its a shame idiots here don't take time to actually read articles instead of skimming headlines. Ignorance.