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Highlights: Real Madrid 3-1 Chelsea (Guinness Cup - Final 2013 - 7/08/13)

1-0 Marcelo 14'
1-1 Ramires 16'
2-1 Ronaldo '30
3-1 Ronaldo 57

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Sandmano3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Mourinho must be angry :P Amazing free kick by Ronaldo and header was brilliant too.

goku323593403d ago

True. Ronaldo was the decisive factor in this game. I bet Mou regrets pissing him off now lol

Sandmano3403d ago

lol, you could tell he wanted to get back at him.

abzdine3402d ago

Very impressive Real Madrid.. Defense was kinda weak with PEPE but i'm happy Marcelo could score it's good for the confidence i like that player a lot!

RGB3403d ago

Madrid dominated literally the whole game, Chelsea had at best 15 minutes over them and produced nothing with it.

Casillas on top form with only a cheeky one passing him. World class 1 on 1 save in the 2nd half was the icing on the cake for me, Mou looked so pissed. 3 by Cech Mou, better sign Lopez now!!! hahahaha

Isco and Ronaldo showed Chelsea's back 4 up!

All in all, epic game and epic win for Madrid.

Hala Madrid!

Sandmano3403d ago

I really wonder if Schwarzer might actually get a chance this season after that poor performance by Cech.

goku323593402d ago

I think it was just a blip in his form. He's been phenomenal for the most part this preseason (he's pulled off a few great saves especially against inter). I think the defense was more at fault than cech for the goals.

KingPin3402d ago

lol thats what happens when you say you CR7 is not the real ronaldo.

Ronaldo is Ronaldo and CR7 is CR7. they both made names for themselves. people need to respect that.

listenkids3402d ago

Ronaldo you beast. Now sign for United, please.

zeddy3402d ago

doesnt look like he will go anywhere unfortunatly.

asmith23063401d ago

They can't even sign Cesc, never mind Ronaldo. You poor deluded Utd fans.

listenkids3401d ago

Yeah, let's be super serious about everything. Pull your head out of your arse mate, it's obvious he won't sign.