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Barcelona Are Lining Up Suarez and Torres as Successors to Xavi and Iniesta

Barcelona are beginning to wrestle with a thorny problem. Where are they going to find replacements for Xavi and Andres Iniesta? And they believe they might have found the answer.

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pompombrum3965d ago

So they are going to replace the two best midfielders in the world with two strikers? Don't know where this website heard it but they should hang their heads in shame for even typing such an article.

NewMonday3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

bleacherreport is the worst hit baiting football site in the whole internet, if you see them talk about something then it is 99% complete bollocks

jak3y13oy3965d ago

they do some good articles though sometimes :L like top 10 wingers etc :P

MajorLazer3965d ago

My thoughts exactly. It's like saying 'RM are looking to replace Iker Casillas with.. Ashley Cole'

Kafinyata3965d ago

Its Denis Suarez and Oliver Torres. At least read the aarticle before formulating your view

Dungus3965d ago

With a headline like that, it's hard to click on the link. But you're right!

pompombrum3965d ago

As the other guy said, I'm not even going to give them a hit with a headline like that.

Dungus3965d ago

Yeah, sure, and I'm going to replace my trousers with pelicans.