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Messi & Ronaldo scored more, but I won the treble' - Ribery

Ahead of the Uefa Player of the Year award being handed out, the Bayern Munich winger has criticised Thomas Muller's absence and talked up his own chances of winning

Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery has suggested that his treble success gives him the advantage over Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for Uefa's Player of the Year award.

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Nes_Daze3391d ago

True, this is one of those situations where the balon d oro doesn't necessarily go to the player with the most goals, but moreso his contribution to the team. It is an individual award, but a treble means a lot. I think he deserves it, but there is also the argument that no only was he not a top scorer, but that he wasn't the only player that contributed to their treble, Muller did a lot as well.

krazykombatant3391d ago

lol as much of a tool, I think it is to say this, the balon d'or is a joke.

Barca fans like yourself say its individual or is it team. I can't remember as there is so much flip flopping on the subject.

The year messi did great things for his team it was given to him, ronaldo had beaten messi in goals. But still messi won. When things changed samething happened.

All in all I would still rather see messi win it over this arrogant prick.

Nes_Daze3389d ago

Maybe because those two situations weren't the same. When did Ronaldo win the CL with Madrid? Not trying to take a shot at madrid but that would've easily given Ronaldo a balon d oro. They've been very close and Messi has just so happened to be voted as the winner.

krazykombatant3389d ago

So winning the Champions = Ballon D'or.

If so lets just say if Ronaldo/Madrid win only and only the Champions league this year. Does that mean he will earn the Ballon D'or????

The award is a joke. Just like the Fifa XI from last year.

Nes_Daze3389d ago

Well it would depend on the other candidates' performance...if he also wins la liga, yes he deserves it. If messi scored less goals than him or around the same goals as he did, yes he deserves it since he won on a much bigger stage.

sickshot693390d ago

Balon d'or is overrated,it has always been. A single player can't be called the best in the world when they have 10 other players helping him out. Now if the Balon d'or was given to a single player that could take on 11 players (1 vs 11 match), then ladies and gentleman we have the best in the world.

KingPin3390d ago

Ballon d'or is a joke.
when CR7 deserves it <having accomplished more individually> , messi did more for the team so messi wins.
when cr7 does more for the team <less individual accomplishments more team ones>, messi scored more goals so messi wins.

anyways, when it comes to bayern, ribery wasn't their best player imo. bastian schweinsteiger was a beast. dominated the midfield like a boss all season long. if any bayern player deserved it, it would be him not ribery.

but since messi accomplished scoring against all 19 teams in a row, they have a reason to give it messi...again.

asmith23063390d ago

Come on now, Messi won it the season Ronaldo won more with his team because Messi annihilated a bunch of records individually. The chances of a player doing something like he did that season again are few and far between.

krazykombatant3389d ago

um no if it applies for one it applies for the other. Doesn't count to just change things.

Nes_Daze3389d ago

Those two situations you described were different, it's not in black and white. As for Bayern, I don't think Ribery was their best either, I would still go for Muller over him.

MajorLazer3389d ago

The conditions of winning the Ballon d'Or change depending on what Messi achieved that year