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Simon Mignolet's Penalty Save Can Be Catalyst for Important Run for Liverpool

With two minutes to go in a match they'd thoroughly dominated, Liverpool fans could have been forgiven for thinking here we go again at Anfield on Saturday.

They'd outpassed, out-created and even outfought Stoke City, yet led by a single goal to nil and had just conceded a penalty to the Potters which would surely see the Reds leave with but a single point.

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MajorLazer3397d ago

A bit premature, don't you think?

neoragex3397d ago

considering it's bleacher report, no surprises.

thepluggy3396d ago

I know right, this site is a complete joke.

jak3y13oy3397d ago

that's the word I was looking for! :L

KingPin3397d ago

its liverpool fans.
one win and they start chanting "this is our season".

neoragex3396d ago

yup the ENTIRE LIVERPOOL FANBASE wrote this article.

ProjectVulcan3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

One win that could have easily turned into a draw hadn't it been for the save against Stoke, Stoke the bottom half club...... And what? Does anyone really think Liverpool can actually finish in the top four? Spurs and Arsenal will still be battling it out for that spot.

Spurs can sell Bale now they have lined up some quality replacements they will look pretty strong even without him. Arsenal need some signings but it looks like they will actually get some before the end of the month. Once the window shuts we'll soon see Liverpool have no chance of making top four. Best case scenario for Liverpool: 6th.

johnsonbat3396d ago

Agreed, Arsenal and Spurs will be toe to toe for 4th place with my money on Spurs with their potential signings on the horizon. Liverpool did look good at times but Hughes makes a habit of making other teams look good against his sides.

freeduck3396d ago

Yeah if you actually watched the game you will see the Begovic won MOTM because if his insane saves. Liverpool could have scored 3 more goals that game.

And liverpool plan on signing 1-2 more players. So yes, AFC and Spurs will be buying but so will we.
Not to mention Suarez will be back in 5 games.

And I do think LFC are a good shout for top 4. Arsenal look thin, and Chelsea were very average vs Hull and AV considering the players they have.

johnsonbat3396d ago

Begovic did play well but I thought Coutinho looked sharp and could have had a hat full of goals. LFC would do better long term without Suarez.

ProjectVulcan3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Liverpool won't finish in the top 4, not a chance. It'll be Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea in some order in the top 3. City look complete, United need a top class midfielder or two, Chelsea need a world class striker.

Bale will be sold, but Spurs have bought Soldado, Paulinho and will surely get Willian as well.

I believe even with Bale gone these players will make them a better, more rounded side than with him.

Arsenal if they do not sign anyone they will be 5th at best and could be fighting for that with Liverpool. But if they capture a couple of quality buys, for example Angel di maria/Benzema they will fight for 4th.

Liverpool haven't the quality of squad to beat both Spurs and Arsenal as it stands to reach 4th even with the signings made.