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Arsenal in £40m talks with Real Madrid to sign Ozil

Arsene Wenger has stepped up his pursuit of the German playmaker, who has fallen down the Bernabeu pecking order, and hopes to complete a spectacular deal on deadline day

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goku323593265d ago

Oh boy, why is Wenger trying to sign a player (the day before the window closes!) that most likely has no intention on leaving his club?

goku323593264d ago

Well I take that back. Never thought it would happen, but it did. Welcome to the premier league Ozil!

asmith23063264d ago

Haha hilarious! 1 day ago "no intention of leaving his club", 1 day later "welcome to the premier league!" priceless!

RGB3265d ago

Ozil, 3 years at Madrid: 27 goals and 72 assists. 4th highest scorer at Madrid in those years combined. £40m only?!
Bale, last 3 at Spurs: 37 goals and 15 assists. £86m?! Seriously?!

KingPin3264d ago

with bales price and stats...the universe makes no sense.

asmith23063264d ago

You have been posting them stats a lot lately. Get over it. Bale didn't charge the fee. It's just Real Madrid going about business the way they usually do which we all know is crazy.

crazyturkey3264d ago

Apparently its happening...........even though is not the type of Player I think we need, just the thought of Arsenal loosening the purse strings and finally start investing more money into the squad for more established and recognized players, brings a smile to my face......I hope it happens. Bring in a CB please, We got a new keeper too. If Di Maria is for sale sign him up.

asmith23063264d ago

If they got Ba as well that would be two great signings.