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How Big an Upgrade for Real Madrid Is Gareth Bale over Mesut Ozil?

BR - Gareth Bale cost Real Madrid roughly double what they received from Arsenal for Mesut Ozil—but will they get double the quality?

As players they are different, and it is more likely that Bale's arrival forced Ozil out the door for financial reasons as much as footballing ones. However, parallels will be unavoidable given some of the Madrid players' reactions to the German's departure.

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KingPin3363d ago

no upgrade really.
they got a good player which they already had and sold a good player which they needed more.
thing is if they sold di maria it would have been an upgrade to a certain degree. but to sell one of the best midfielders in europe is just ridiculous.
in the week after that more madrid fans were upset they lost ozil than celebrating the acquisition of Bale. that says a lot.

asmith23063361d ago

Different kind of player. Once Bale settles in I'm sure he will be on the same form that got him the transfer in the first place. From there he will only get better. Spanish clubs defense's are in general worse than PL teams too so that will help. I'm just interested to see how Ancelotti incorporates Ronaldo and Bale at the same time as they are both left sided wingers.