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Bale: I'm learning from the best in Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Tottenham star is keen to absorb all he can from the Real Madrid icon and reveals how thrilled he was to learn that a move to the Santiago Bernabeu was on the cards

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KingPin3359d ago

well he is learning from the most complete player i've ever seen.
so yeah...lets hope he learns a lot.

mp12893358d ago

ever? must have him confused with the phenomenon or you are fairly new to this sport.

KingPin3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

well i haven't seen pele play. and was too young to comprehend just how great maradona was. unless you know a 5 year old who can understand how great messi is in todays times and what exactly makes him great other than scoring a ton of goals.

zidane/del piero/crespo/brazilian Ronaldo/cantona were all special but i personally rate CR7 higher than all of em and on par with ronaldinho.

if you look at the players i mentioned above all had superstar teams behind them when they were in their prime. CR7 has a good team, messi a great team..unless you think bale and di maria is as good as figo and beckham in which case i dont think i need to take you seriously.

edit: just come to my attention that you might be mistaking my interpretation of "complete" to mean "BETTER". in no way do i think Ronaldo is best player to ever play the game...but he is one of the best. only utter fools are really stubborn messi fans would think differently. and by ever, i would mean to date. im waiting for neymar to peak. He is the next player in line destined for greatness.


mp12893358d ago

I was referring to R9. Messi and CR7 are both great, but nowhere near this guy's league. He was amazing in any of the clubs where he played including ones that are no better than the Man U and Real Madrid CR7 played on. Portugal is not brazil, but is not like CR7 has achieved anything there anyways. I think R9 is the most complete player of any era and the last guy you would want to defend against. I thought you hadn't seen him play, but no problem we just have different opinions.