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Highlights: Chelsea 1-2 Basel (Champions League - Group E - 18/09/2013)

1-0 Oscar (45')
1-1 Salah (71')
1-2 Streller (81')

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crazyturkey3359d ago

That was unexpected, something is off at Chelsea at the moment. Strikers not firing, Oscar their best attacker, Mourinho not starting their best player.

goku323593359d ago

Just like in the game against Everton, Chelsea had double shots the other team. That's not any excuse though. In both games we LOOKED like the weaker side. I don't know what's going on honestly because on paper we should be easily winning these games (which we did last year).

krazykombatant3359d ago

lol basel is the kryptonite to any english team apperantly! XD!

fOrlOnhOpe573359d ago

I don't think Eto is the solution to their strike problems. And Mourhino doesnt seem a big Torres fan.

silvacrest3358d ago

e'to has only had two games or something like that, way to early to tell

torres does not deserve to be chosen over e'to, Ba or even lukaku at this point