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Highlights: Manchester United 1-2 West Brom (English Premier League - 28/09/13)

0-1 Amalfitano 54'
1-1 Rooney 57'
1-2 Berahino 67'

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Sahil3353d ago

it's okay coz United started without RvP, Vidic, Fellaini, Evra, Welbeck, Young etc

asmith23063353d ago

That doesn't make it ok, not by a long shot, this is Utd we are talking about. They are in serious trouble this season.

KingPin3353d ago

it doesnt matter who we started with or without, we lost 3 points. simple as that. its a game you expect united to win. not a walkover but a win. even by one goal.

its a different thing if the united reserves were playing but they werent. we had A-team players in there that should've won the match.

united are in a rough place right now. lets hope things improve soon. guess its time for united supporters to feel what liverpool fans have been feeling every year.

badz1493353d ago

once again, the real problem with Utd showed it's ugly rear! the defense is BROKEN! Utd needs better defender ASAP!

at this rate, even Europa League is looking out of touch for next season!

btw, City lost too?? I think Arsenal might take the league this season but not because they are great but the others seem to be shooting their own feet!

TheBlackSmoke3352d ago

"I think Arsenal might take the league this season but not because they are great but the others seem to be shooting their own feet"

Errr... The ONLY way to win the league is if other teams drop points.

If you win the league you are the most consistent team over an entire season of football. How can the league winner not be great?

Haters gonna hate on Arsenal no matter what we do

badz1493351d ago


Recent years showed Arsenal dropped points EASILY when they shouldn't have been and they paid dearly because others don't. That was why they have not been fighting for the titles these recent years and were happy with UCL qualifications.

This year might be different for them as they can afford to drop points as other big teams are losing to the bottom half teams here and there!

So my point still stands!

Pirates10i3353d ago

How much longer will united continue to fall before someone steps up and does something? Why was Kagawa taken off so early? Why was ando playing ? I'll continue to support moyes but his team selection is awful...if we don't splash big in the market for d man and midfielder I'm not sure we will make ucl next year

mcstorm3352d ago

I have to disagree in some ways. People are forgetting Moyes needs to get to know his players before he starts to ship and bring in new ones.
I said at the start of the season im expecting a top 4 finish last 16 of champions league and a good cup run in the fa or capital one cup.

Moyes will need 3 seasons to bring home the league imo. this year to find out what he has next year to bring in how he needs and to get them to gel and year after go for the league.

\people need to remember Sir alex went 3 seasons without winning the league in the mid 00s.

Revvin3352d ago

Fergie had to build a team when he started, Moyes inherited a team that won the title with ease last season, Utd should not be in this position and if Moyes needs 3 years then he's not the manager you should have. His position is to strengthen what he has, an easy task when you look at the rebuilding other managers need to do when they come into a job.

mcstorm3352d ago

Just because he got last seasons champions dose not mean he will come in and win everything again. We all know the united squad needs a few changes and players like reo giggs are past there best. Moyes also needs time to get them playing the football he wants them to play. Also under Sir Alex teams were scared of coming to Old Trafford but now Moyes is in charge they are not scared as with it being under new management.

The other thing is of you look at the players Chelsea and city have brought in as they just splash the cash when a new manager comes in united don't do this.

United fans need to remember we have been spoilt under Sir Alex and look at the past great managers they have been given time. Moyes will and should get time and given that time will bring success to united. You cant win the league every season.

ProjectVulcan3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

United won the title last season without ever really playing that well. Its true- everybody else was just so poor United won it easily without ever hitting top form.

As it stands, I still believe United have the second best squad in the league and the second best first XI, but the new manager isn't going to be able to exploit that immediately I suspect.

Why? It isn't really his squad or team. Eventually he'll find better performances and hopefully make a few smart buys and structure the team to his liking.

At the most I expect United to have a bit of an off season this one season, and bounce back next year.

A 3rd place finish for example wouldn't be anything to celebrate, but it would certainly be a solid point for him to build his team, his legacy.

mcstorm3352d ago

vulcanproject That is what I m tying to say but I do think finishing in the top 3 this season is a big bonus for Moyes but I hope if that happens it will not be by a big gap like how united won the league last season.

What I find funny at the moment is that people are quick to jump all over United and Mayes but if you look at the fixtures we have all played in city have had a worst start then us as they have only had united out of the top sides to play yet they have dropped points to Villa and Cardiff already and only picked up 1 point away from home.

The league is very unsettled at the moment with the changes in the top 6 teams in the league and this season will see teams dropping points to teams you would never of expected.

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listenkids3353d ago

This is not Manchester United.

windblowsagain3353d ago

I wouldn't say utd won last season because they were great.

Other teams were poorer, this season, utd,city,chelsea are all struggling.

MaximusPrime_3353d ago

last week 8th place. today, 12th. fallin' fallin' keep on fallin'

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