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Highlights: Sunderland 1-2 Manchester United (English Premier League - 05/10/13)

1-0 C. Gardner (5)

1-1 A. Januzaj (61)

2-1 A. Januzaj (62)

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jak3y13oy3343d ago

Quality goals from Januzaj! we NEED to renew his contract now!

first half was dreadful though!

Glad we fought back!

asmith23063343d ago

Too right, first half was woeful from Utd. Good win in the end but I doubt this win will be the kick in the arse that they need. Let's see how they fair after the international break.

Jonnyquest3213343d ago

I think this will be the turning point (as long as Nani and Januzaj keep starting) because atm the main culprits with bad form are usually the best players I.e Van Persie and Vidic and I really don't see them being off form for too much longer tbh