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Ronaldo breaks Messi's record for Champions League goals in a calendar year Cristiano Ronaldo has broken the record held for Champions League goals scored in a calendar year after his second-half strike for Real Madrid at Juventus on Tuesday - overtaking the mark previously set by Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

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asmith23063307d ago

Messi still on overall top. Both of them will surely pass Raul soon as well. It's hard to separate these two lads!

KingPin3307d ago

Cristiano Ronaldo....there is no adjective that hasn't been used to describe this guy.

nirwanda3306d ago

I can think of a few silly abjectives that have never been used before.

Jonnyquest3213306d ago

Both Messi and Ronaldo are simply on another level. We are so lucky to get to see them! It's natural to compare the two best players but what I don't like is when either set of fans disparage the opposite player- if you think Messi is the best, fair enough but you don't have to call Ronaldo 'Cristina' etc, and if you think Ronaldo is the best you don't have to say 'Messi is nothing without Xavi and Iniesta'

Scrivlar3306d ago

Incredibly lucky to have both Ronaldo and Messi playing at the same time, although I do think the Ballon Dor awards have been a bit unfair to Ronaldo so I hope he keeps up current form.

3302d ago