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FIFA World Cup Europe Play-Off: Sweden 2 -3 Portugal (2-4 agg)

0 - 1 50' Cristiano Ronaldo (G) (assist by: João Moutinho)
1 - 1 68' Z. Ibrahimovic (G)(assist by: K. Källström)
2 - 1 72' Z. Ibrahimovic (G)
2 - 2 77' Cristiano Ronaldo (G)(assist by: Hugo Almeida)
2 - 3 79' Cristiano Ronaldo (G)(assist by: João Moutinho)

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KingPin3147d ago

if people cant admit CR7 is one of the best players in football history, they must be trippin on some hard drugs.

he had an absolutely brilliant game tonight, but he's been on fire since forever. just absolutely superb. this is almost single handedly carrying an entire country on his shoulders. handled the pressure with his usual self belief that he can.

hell, he had such a great game even Zlatan applauded him after his second goal. great sportsmanship from Ibrahimovic.

on the down side, i dont think portugal will do any damage in the world cup. the squad lacks depth which teams like germany, spain, argentina, brazil have in spades. its because of this i dont think portugal has what it takes for ronaldo to single handedly get them the cup like maradona did for argentina in 1986.

but yeah, glad we will have CR7 in brazil 2014. looking forward to it.

asmith23063146d ago

Dude, we get it, you love Ronaldo ;)

GrizzliS19873146d ago

Hands down, second best player in the world. Not by far, but calling him second best isnt any disrespect towards him. Maybe in the last month or so up until now, with Messi's injury, and Ribery doing poorly for france, i can give him the title of Best in the world, in this very moment. Sure i can agree with that, but truth be told, he is not better than Messi in his prime state. Thats just what i think.

Nes_Daze3146d ago

I agree, when Messi is at his best he surpasses Ronaldo imo, but at the moment, I think there's no doubt that Ronaldo is the best.

Sahil3146d ago

Unstoppable this year!

One of the greats of our generation.

eferreira3146d ago

Portugal will get a tough group as always in every world cup

MajorLazer3146d ago

Best in the world, in my opinion!

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