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Desailly on Suarez: He thinks the pitch is a swimming pool


The former Chelsea defender called out the Liverpool forward over his "theatrics" and hopes that Manchester United fail to win the Premier League title this season.

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KingPin2932d ago

when it comes to diving contest in the EPL, ashley young takes top spot.

PS4OUR2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

^^ Why so bitter? All the successes United has had over the years really has made opposition fans a little salty.

Everybody dives in this sport.

KingPin2932d ago

lmao im a united supporter. no bitterness.
check my comment history. lol

young isnt the only one that dives in the EPL. plenty divers in the world but with young, a fart will bring him down. just saying.

asmith23062932d ago

You obviously don't know Kingpin lol!

PS4OUR2932d ago

Yes i get annoyed with Young sometimes but he definately is not the only one going down easily in the sport.

LOL, sorry i came across as aggressive but i really hate the anti United stance some people have towards the club. Its like its cool to hate them so anything United gets dumped on and mostly without rationale explinations, just dump dump dumping for the sake of dumping.

KingPin2932d ago

its cool man. no worries. :)

mp12892932d ago

everybody does it and everybody should be penalized

PS4OUR2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Someone give this man a beer, lollipop. Anything damnit

+bubbloo for you sir

windblowsagain2932d ago

I think he should go in the jungle.

Celebrity get me out of here.

He loves biting things.

On a side note, he's a very good player!

pompombrum2932d ago

Football is so competitive these days that you can't really blame players for doing it. I bet a lot of managers/coaches actually have a go at players if they see a missed opportunity to go to ground. Blame Fifa and that dinosaur Blatter for refusing to bring in video technology and implementing harsher punishments for those found guilty. If someone is caught diving and it's blatant enough, it should be an instant three match ban imho.. diving is an embarrassment to the sport.

Jonnyquest3212932d ago

I'm gonna be in a minority of one but I love the diving, cheating, goal line and all other controversies. Football is great but those moments in a match give us something to talk about, of course special goals and skills also do but how often do they happen? Hell, the thing we're commenting on now wouldn't even be here as Desailly would never have to make those comments.

asmith23062932d ago

I can't stand the diving. The odd good goal disallowed however or a dodgy offside is always entertaining though.

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