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Football transfer rumours: Radamel Falcao to Chelsea?

Theguardian: José Mourinho wants to bring Falcao to Stamford Bridge on loan in January, with a view to making the transfer permanent for a sum expected to be in the region of £80m.

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Spiewie 3277d ago

Chelsea really needs an actual forward... I mean Torres can't score to save his life.

krazykombatant3276d ago

But torres is good I mean he doesn't score much but he is good right?!?!?!?!?

Said it ages ago and I'll say it again Torres should be put out to pasture and sent to the MLS.

Spiewie 3276d ago

Yeah maybe he'll score 1 or 2 in the MLS.

silvacrest3275d ago

its funny, i still remember fellow chelsea fans on these forums, trying to tell me that torres was decent and just needs time/chances/etc

truth is he has held chelsea back, missing open goals, taking dreadful shots etc

why he is still first choice over et'o and Ba is a mystery

the good news is if we do get Falcao im gonna guess torres will be out