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World Cup 2014 Draw

Group A - Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon.
Group B - Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia.
Group C - Colombia, Greece, Cote d'Ivorie, Japan.
Group D - Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy.
Group E - Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras.
Group F - Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina ,Iran, Nigeria.
Group G - Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA.
Group H - Belgium, Algeria, Russia ,Korea Republic.

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jak3y13oy3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

there's always 2018...

Everyone's sleeping pattern will be mucked up in June!

Nes_Daze3286d ago

Not really, the U.S. is screwed.

Spiewie 3286d ago

Did the U.S really have a chance anyway ? Maybe in a different sport.

MajorLazer3286d ago

Do you think I'm American? I'm British my friend, born and bred in London, but I know that England have little chance!

Computersaysno3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

England can get out of that group, but they have to actually play reasonably well at a tournament which has not happened since WC 2002.

I'm pretty sure the Italians and Uruguay are no happier about the situation than England are.

It is a tougher group and the performances have to come immediately, its not like the 'easy' group in 2010 helped anyway did it? If you play poorly, you'll rightly get booted out.

The point is if England do get out of that group they will have to have done it by earning it against better sides and then they would have a much nicer round of 16 after that.

It does look to me that the teams in the bottom half have a fantastic chance of going a long way in the competition.

France, only squeezing by in a qualifier have had a hugely lucky draw as they not only have a weaker group, if they win it they also play the runners up of Group F which is likely to be a poorer side as well.....

You also have to look at the Belgians who many tipped for a good tournament, they are immediately favourites to top their group

Nes_Daze3286d ago

@Koyes, oh no I was just saying that the U.S. have it worse, and that England aren't as screwed as you think they are.

@Lukelad, well no but it's always nice to try and get as far as you can in the world cup for these teams like U.S., Mexico, Columbia, etc. Australia and Costa Rica are also pretty much doomed...

MajorLazer3286d ago

I can't see a scenario where England could have had it worse :(

Also, I doubt the U.S will be too distraught over their group, considering American Football and Baseball is more their speed over there

Jonnyquest3213285d ago

I agree with you, England aren't that bad I expect us to qualify honestly. Uruguay can be beaten and we've shown we can at least draw with Italy, I expect us to progress in second place.
Btw how good is Deleufeo? why did Barca loan him out?

Nes_Daze3284d ago

@mynameisq, I guess Barca just wanted to give Deulofeu some playing time elsewhere, he looks decent but I guess he's still young. I haven't been paying attention to him since his loan, Im just a bit more interested in what happen with Tello and Adama Traore.

bigfish3285d ago

Excuse my ignorance but I believe England used to be a good football team?? I think the money/fame must have made them loose passion for football?

mafiahajeri3286d ago

Go Japan ;) but more realistically go Argentina!!

Modi19843285d ago

i think its time for messi to shine

KingPin3285d ago

with the group Argentina has, how can he not.
Argentinas world cup will pretty much start in the last 16 onwards.
basically if they show up for 4 games, they can win the world cup.

asmith23063285d ago

I know it's a long way off but I hope he is fully fit and in form when the WC arrives.

KingPin3284d ago

im sure he will.
the world cup only starts in june and he most likely will be back in action mid jan/feb at the latest. that leaves him with plenty time to prep for world cup. lets just hope this is a once off problem not something thats recurring. but yeah, its messi. im sure he will be ready when the time comes. after all, he is almost inhuman.

HughLAD3284d ago

Group H should be interesting

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