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Rodgers: Liverpool are not title contenders

The manager believes his squad are not ready to win the Premier League due to the strength in depth of rivals Manchester City and Chelsea, but is confident his team can play a part

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Stringerbell3225d ago

Many fans forget a return to the top 3 was the project. With a forecast of 2 years AT LEAST. This season has been tremendous and showcasing BR's version, the icing on the cake is it came much earlier than expected.

Spiewie 3225d ago

They still have a chance a small chance but still have a chance.

SniperControl3224d ago

It's a one man team, without the diving, cheating & racist that is suarez, they are nothing but a mid-top team.

On a large number of occasions he has pulled them out of 5h1t creek this season.

I think Sky sports quoted an interesting fact last week, without suarez's goals liverpool would have been 12th in the league.

KazumaKiryu3224d ago

Ok mate. Liverpool were joint first before Suarez came back into the team.

SniperControl3224d ago

Yeah, look at you boys now, top of the league right. lol

big_dom_returns3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

What a complete clueless numpty you are. If I had a quid for every time a clown that spouted this kind of tripe, I'd maybe lend it to Davy Moyes, who needs it. Let's get it straight: you could argue the value of every major player in every team to be the same. Take RVP out of United last season: no title. Take Messi out of Barca: not the same side? Take Ronaldo out of Madrid etc etc, and so on and so on. All the way down the history of football in every single team that was and will be, there will be the key players or those that score most goals. Why? Because it's in their talent and in their role in the team. That's why they are there, and the talent allows them to bang them in. Now let's break down your comment for a second to point out how utterly clueless you really are. Who sets up those goals for Suarez? Who gets the ball to his feet? Who presses the other side into errors so that Suarez gets that possession? Who sets the team up to do so? Those other 10 players don't contribute, right? What about the keeper making vital stops? Sturridge scoring vital equalizers and winners when Suarez was banned for how many games at the start? Shut up, stop talking, and stop listening to the Sky Sports agenda. I remember all the twats saying the same when Gerrard was scoring, or when Torres was doing the same: one man team this and that. Simple fact is, there is no such thing.

Linwelin3224d ago

What, the man was banned at the start of the season for 10 games, Liverpool done fine without him.

Other player doesn't dive ? fact is, if you don't go down you don't get anything, blame the ref's not the players.

Without Suarez goals ? you could say the same about every other team lol you seem very bitter towards Liverpool, your not a United fan by any chance are you ?

Stringerbell3224d ago

You mean in fourth place? The horror!

asmith23063218d ago

Sure, because Sturridge hasn't gotten 20 goals in 18 matches as well. The whole team has been outstanding this year. Kudos to Rodgers. It's great to see them back at the top. Hopefully they can keep Suarez and bring in a bit more quality this summer.

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