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Ronaldo ban appeal rejected

The RFEF has turned down the Portugal international's appeal against his ban, meaning he will miss the games against Villarreal, Getafe and Elche

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jak3y13oy3157d ago

that's two ridiculous decisions that have had there appeals rejected! (andy carrol)

that's ridiculous ridiculous!

MadSientist893157d ago

fifa will never admit they are at fault..

listenkids3157d ago

Yet the ref has received a ban for giving two different reasons for the red card.

KingPin3157d ago

the main problem is that the ref didnt see the build up to the bust up nor did he ask the linesmen for their input. he didnt get the full 100% of the incident and handed out a card even he was unsure of why. that right there is just poor all round. before sending any player off with a straight red, the ref needs to ask linesman for help if they missed part of it. thats what they there for as well, to help the ref with decision making.

S2Killinit3157d ago

Ronaldo was out of line but he didnt start it. It may be too harsh a punishment in hindsight