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Highlights: Real Madrid 3-4 Barcelona Liga BBVA 23/03/14


Iniesta 7' 0-1

Benzema 20' 1-1

Benzema 24' 2-1

Messi 43' 2-2

Ronaldo 55' 3-2 Pen

Messi 65' 3-3 Pen

Messi 84' 4-4 Pen

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Spiewie 3174d ago

What a match... Didn't expect Barca to win but damn this game was intense when Benzema scored his second I thought Madrid had the game. Just wow.

asmith23063174d ago

What a game. Had everything you would expect from a Classico. Great goals, plenty of yellows, at least one red... and lots of diving and playacting.

wantedboys3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Ref was shit all 3 was not pen and neymar was offside first half was perfect players and the ref second half ref destroyed everything

Spiewie 3174d ago

Ramos shouldn't have been sent off and the pen was shuldn't have been given.

--Onilink--3174d ago

what? only Ronaldo´s wasnt a penalty (not to mention he missed the one on Neymar in the 1st half)

Whether the 1st Barca penalty was offside or not, if the linesman didnt signal and offside and Ramos made a fould being the last defender, it was a penalty and a red card. The only one at fault there is the linesman, the ref made the right choice considering he was never told there was an offside.

And the last penalty? Seriously? how is that not a penalty from Alonso, awful marking

RGB3174d ago

Ramos is a clown and the referee got played way too many times.

Ramos shouldn't have got in to that situation period, but the contact was minimal if not nothing at all.

3 teams within 1 point at the summit of La Liga though, best league in the world!

Spiewie 3174d ago

Ramos is a clown indeed but that was not a penalty he didn't touch him.

RGB3174d ago

I kind of said that, "but the contact was minimal if not nothing at all".

yezz3174d ago

Then you should really watch some replays, he clearly takes the other leg out. There was some over reacting from Neymar but it doesn't change a thing. He still took the attacker out as a last man so he gets a red card...

Spiewie 3174d ago

It was nothing at all but Neymar makes everything so dramatic...

asmith23063173d ago

I agree. It's pretty sad when players get the slightest touch and fall over. It's ruining good games of football. How the slightest touch on Neymar's heel manages to make his whole body spin around and fall is beyond me. He should have been booked for diving.

krazykombatant3174d ago

Didn't watch the first half. But from seeing the second half the ref was utter shit. 3 non-existing penalties.

And as always when barcelona struggle to win a match, the opposition get a player sent off. utter rubbish....

Either way the league is bound to be more exiting now.

Nes_Daze3174d ago

3 non-existing penalties?? Xabi Alonso fouled Iniesta with both legs, it was a clear penalty imo. I also think the first penalty for Ronaldo was fair, Dani dragged that foot to catch Ronaldo on purpose.

The ref was strict, and Madrid paid the price because Barca is a much, much conservative team when it comes to fouls.

krazykombatant3174d ago

Carvajal covered the area and so did Xavi, it's textbook defending you don't let the opposing player drive into the middle of the box.

All 3 penalties were b.s and the red card took an very good game and put it in the hands of barcelona.

yezz3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )


Covered the area?! There was a clear space Iniesta could've slipped trough but then Xabi comes in and blocks it out = foul. Textbook defending usually includes taking or clearing the ball away, not being clumsy and making a hot dog with a team mate.

And you make it seem like the ref only gives Real a red card because Barca is struggling.. it's not his fault Ramos takes Neymar out as the last man.

Nes_Daze3174d ago

Xabi built a wall and clipped Iniesta down, if these plays were fair it'd be incredibly difficult to dribble inside the area and shake off a defender.

Busquets did something similar against Modric I believe in the midfield and it was a foul. As for Ramos' red, that could've been a red in any other match, both Ramos and Alves dragged their foot on purpose, slick, but not slick enough for a strict ref. I don't think these guys go into the game trying to help Barca, they're just strict and Madrid paid their price.

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The story is too old to be commented.