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Highlights: Atl. Madrid 0-0 Chelsea (UCL - Semi Final - 22/04/14)

No Score Bore Draw.

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krazykombatant3088d ago

Perfect result, Resilient defending! Forza Chelsea!!!!

Give me a break the most boring Semi-final on record, Chelsea didn't even want to score.

They came to Vicente Calderon for the clean sheet and draw.

I was expecting fireworks and great attacking plays from either side.

But no all we got FROM THE GET GO was time wasting.

I'll make sure I bring my floaties to the second leg next week.

Dark113088d ago

The very soul of football thrived as Mourinho's Chelsea mounted a defensive master class unparalleled in its effectiveness. A sight to behold. A true beauty.

Chelsea to win another CL!

Nes_Daze3088d ago

Boring match...Chelsea's doc Eva was the highlight of the match...LOL

Jonnyquest3213088d ago

Haha, tbh I understood Mourinho playing this way against the all conquering Barca sides but he's ruining a lot of matches playing this way against most teams and it's very annoying. The joke is on him for playing this way earlier in the season against Man Utd and getting a 0-0 draw, hope that costs him the title!

Also I don't think not scoring an away goal can ever be considered as a perfect result, sorry.