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Highlights: EPL - Everton 2-3 Manchester City 3/5/14

Barkley 11′
Agüero 22′
Dzeko 43′, 48′
Lukaku 65′

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Stringerbell3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Not the result Liverpool was hoping for.

asmith23063067d ago

Not the result most people were hoping for.

NewMonday3066d ago

funny thing Liverpool fans were cheering for Everton to win and Blues fans hoping their team loses.

MajorLazer3065d ago

Not the result LIVERPOOL FANS were hoping for.. everyone else wants City to win :L

TheSaint3066d ago

That was close, City looked nervous at the end, maybe there is still a twist or two left.

Computersaysno3066d ago

The twist will be Liverpool struggling against Palace on Monday night.

Palace have actually been rather good, and the only reason I felt City turned them over last week was because they got an early goal.

If Liverpool can't get an early goal, they will have a difficult night.

KingPin3066d ago

the league is citys to lose.
unless liverpool can score a ton of goals in the next two games, all city has to do is win the next 2 matches.

TheSaint3066d ago

Easier said than done when a title is on the line. one draw and the ball is back with Liverpool.

Gotta love the Prem.

KingPin3066d ago

true true. same goes for liverpool slipping up.

but i think city will win it.
they have 2 home games left so they will be even more of a favourite to win.
liverpool has an away game to crystal palace who beat everton and chelsea. so thats not going to be an easy task.

Premier league going to last day once again

Gamer19823065d ago

Indeed Liverpool have the harder lineup now and have more chance of slipping up. City have only been beaten by Chelsea at home in the league this season and with Villa and West Ham with nothing to play for those players will be on holiday. I cant see nothing more than a City win.

Linwelin3066d ago

City are playing a lot of games in a short amount of time, Everton was on saturday, Villa is on the 7th and then West Ham on the 11th. It's going to be interesting.