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UEFA Set To Fine Manchester City 50m And Restrict Champions League Squad Size

Manchester City are set to be fined £50m and will have to contest next season's Champions League with a squad size limited to 21 players, after being found guilty of breaching UEFA's financial fair play rules.

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asmith23063064d ago

Not really. Hammer them were it hurts. Point deductions. They should have to start the group stage minus at least 3 points as well.

MajorLazer3064d ago

Sorry, that was a sarcastic post. That £50 million will simply line the pockets of UEFA without remotely affecting the sugardaddy club

Stringerbell3064d ago

Ligue 1 has tried to take a similar approach to Monaco. That situation is worse due to the fact that the country is a tax haven so they have a gigantic advantage in comparison to the rest of the French sides. I believe they even threatened to join the Serie A should the FFF actually enact any sanctions.

FRAKISTAN3064d ago

Jealous of THAT ARAB MONEY!!!

S2Killinit3063d ago

Well, it had to be done. So good.

rowdyBOY3063d ago

yeah right , there are atleast 10 teams that should be fined .

but why pick on the arab owners .

this is a disgrace to fifa . you just showed your true colors.


Linwelin3063d ago

Can you name the 10 clubs ?