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Highlights: International Friendly - Ecuador 2-2 England

Valencia 8′ 1-0
Rooney 29′ 1-1
Lambert 51′ 2-1
Arroyo 70′ 2-2

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Stringerbell3101d ago

Poor defensive showing from England...

asmith23063101d ago

From Ecuador too. England's first goal was a mess on their part. Cracking goals by Lambert and Arroyo though.

Stringerbell3101d ago

Yeah I guess we also have to remember this was an experimental side- I still dont see how that was a Red for Sterling though definitely a yellow.

jak3y13oy3100d ago

I'm more concerned that 3/4 of our defense last night could be United's defense! O.O

Jonnyquest3213100d ago

To be fair both Smalling and Jones have been moved around so often and that's the reason why they have regressed. Certainly didn't get any help from Lampard, Wilshere and Milner (admittedly all not defensive players)

Imagine Sturridge up front on his own and Ox, Barkley and Sterling behind him :O we might concede a few but we'll definitely cause offensive damage. I just seriously hope we actually put up a fight this time around, tired of defending on the edge of the box and hoofing it up

mafiahajeri3100d ago

Such a faggoty move by sterling could of broke Valencia leg, don't blame him for the reaction. I think if his leg was planted there would have been a high chance of his leg breaking.

Especially when you see how players are dropping left and right with injuries.

redknight803100d ago

Yeah! Were I the player Sterling was tackling, I would also be so very angry...making that sort of tackle in a friendly just a week before the World Cup? That is f**ked up!

windblowsagain3100d ago

Defensively they were too slow, but that first goal should have never been considering the ball left the pitch by a mile. That is more worrying. Poor linesman,ref etc.

Yellow sterling should have had, got the ball but slipped as well. But still a silly danagerous tackle. But if I was sterling I would have chinned valencia for grabbing the neck.

Chamberlain played well.

TheSaint3100d ago

Rickie Lambert is going great, really pleased for him. Saints might just win the World Cup!