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Neymar subdued as Brazil held

Luiz Felipe Scolari's men failed to take their chances throughout the 90 minutes as they and El Tri shared the spoils

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Stringerbell2937d ago

Ochoa was amazing he's been the standout keeper of the tournament by far!

cell9892936d ago

I second that one, stellar performance

LightDiego2937d ago

Brazil lost his best player from the first match: Nishimura.

asmith23062937d ago

Gotta say Neymar is the only one on that team who is giving it everything, he's always trying to make something happen. Oscar played well in the first game but not this one. I think the samba years are officially over for Brazil. They are a pretty average team overall. Fred is the Brazilian number 9? Is that the best they have?

Stringerbell2937d ago

My brother and I were talking about this- the midfield is pretty uninspiring. The back four is decent enough but there was seriously a lack of creativity today!

Jonnyquest3212936d ago

Don't know why they didn't consider Coutinho and Lucas Moura

CyberCam2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Samba years are officially over? Wow that's a bold statement! Have you seen some of the upcoming talent? Well I have, and you sir, are mistaken. I'm speaking from a high level youth coaching perspective here.

You forget that futbol is BASICALLY the only sport played and money is spend on, in the South American & African countries. It's the only one the poor can afford, which is where most of these players come from. They don't have the luxury of playing any sport they like, which is the case for most countries in the world.

Ochoa stole 3 guaranteed goals from Brazil and tied that game by himself. I wouldn't say that out possessing & out shooting your opponent (8 to 3 shots on goal) is just average team play.

Overall your "They are pretty average team..." statement could apply to all the teams in this tournament. Overall there has been a lack of creativity (especially with the foot work & combination passing) and getting numbers forward quickly, in the attacking third.

However on the other hand, most teams have very good team defending as 90% of time there at least 3 men behind the ball at all times.

I must say that the Mexicans have really improved, especially with their defending & counter attack! It was the best & most exciting game I've watching so far in the tournament.

asmith23062936d ago

Yes, the samba years are coming to a close. Neymar and Oscar are their only stand out players and there are better players than them out there. Their midfield is non existent, their keeper couldn't hold a place at QPR and headed to Canada, and is Fred the best number 9 Brazil can produce? And Jo comes on to replace him, is he second best? Brazil win a donkey cup and think they are top class. Couldn't be further from the truth.

cell9892936d ago

dude dont forget their first game against Croatia was won by luck and the lack of a legitimate referee. Any other time that games should have been a tie

Stringerbell2936d ago

Fred and Jo aren't exactly the kind of strikers that scare defenses - I'd take an overweight Ronaldo over the both of them...

Gezmoyassine2936d ago

So what happens now to Brazil,are they out???...Sorry i don't really follow soccer that much.

Rute2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

No, they are definitely not out. Brazil is the leader of group A with 4 points and +2 goal difference. Mexico is second with 4 points and +1 goal difference. Two teams from every group move on to knockout stage so Brazil is going to the knockout stage unless Mexico beats Croatia AND Cameroon wins both of its upcoming games. Brazil has one game left in the group stage and it is against Cameroon, the weakest team in the A group.

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