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Highlights: Uruguay 2 - 1 England -WC 2014 - 19-6-14-

Match Hihlights:

1-0 Suarez 39'

1-1 Rooney (75')

2-1 Suarez (85')

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KingPin3658d ago

england are complete shite. and thats being nice.
no formation, no tactics, no idea what they were doing to be honest.

suarez was a beast. punished them. great to see him back, cant wait to see him 100% fit.

ProjectVulcan3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

England are ok. They dominated the game in passes, possession, chances and shots on target.

The problem is the defence is much poorer than it was a few years ago, and Italy as well as Uruguay were utterly clinical.

It's funny really, England's attack could never create a sniff and we ground out results for several years with pretty good solid defensive displays.

Now we can genuinely create chances but not finish them, and the defence is now seriously dodgy. The winner was just a hoof that goes straight through. No professional side should fall for those, let alone an international one.

KingPin3657d ago

England are over-hyped. OK = average. to have such a massive league and to be average = shite.

they dominated in passes - yeah, tiki taka dominated in passes too but whats the point of passing so much and go nowhere.

they had possession - meaningless possession. for the amount of goals to possession compared to uruguay, they sucked.

England needs more quality players...not over-hyped players. QUALITY PLAYERS. massive difference. People should stop trying to convince themselves that hype = quality. its not. if you want an example, look at germany, not many over-hyped players, they have quality players that perform.

ProjectVulcan3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I think you are, as is usual like many others, massively overreacting to England's losses.

England are not overhyped. Nobody hyped England. Everybody's expectations were that it was a struggle to get out of the group. England were only 3rd ranked in the group before the tournament started and that is where people expected them to finish. Everyone realised for years now England are an ok side, nothing more, nothing less.

It's boring to hear people go nuts just because an England side everyone now knows isn't full of world class stars loses against decent sides.

The fact is England haven't been terrible in their two games, they just haven't been quite good enough. There really wasn't much between the sides in the two games.

Two years ago the Italians beat England on penalties, and England played genuinely terrible and were totally outclassed, massively. Not so much this time.

4 years ago England played awful, but could (read: should) have been 2-2 against Germany in the knockouts at half time.

This time England have actually been decent apart from defensive lapses that were punished mercilessly by a pair of classy strikers.

This side played better than 2 and 4 years ago, but in a tougher group with better teams so they have come up just a bit short.

No need for anyone to start going nuts as if people thought England would waltze the group or something. That's ridiculous.

asmith23063658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Suarez hasn't played in around six weeks and had surgery in between, and he single handedly takes England out of the running with some really clinical finishing. World class.

listenkids3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Godín MOTM, it takes real skill to avoid a blatant red card.

Liverpool 2 England 1.

hkgamer3657d ago

you mean Liverpool 2 Liverpool 1.

The England side was practically Liverpool.

xX_Altair_Xx3658d ago

I expected England to lose. They can rave about their young players all they want, but the likes of Sterling, Wilshere and Barkley are average. Compare to other countries: Verratti, Pogba, Isco, Draxler, Neymar, Gotze, Koke.

Dont even get me started on the defence, or the Gerrard-Henderson combo in midfield - both completely clueless.

MajorLazer3658d ago

No? Those players are average and are only hyped up due to being English

listenkids3658d ago

@Koyes you're somewhat correct in the over hype, but some of the players have genuine quality, high quality at that, it's just not transitioned to the England team. He's the same kind of chap who would claim Rooney is shit without contemplating the sheer amount of goals, assists and effort he's put into football since he was 16.

xX_Altair_Xx3658d ago

DOnt think I mentioned Rooney in my list. He's world class. Problem is he's surrounded by average players. Ronaldo has a similar problem at Portgual; Bale likewise (but an extreme example). These young players will achieve the same as the 'golden' generation gone by - nothing!

listenkids3658d ago

They're achieving (right now) more than the champions of the world, the favourites to win the entire competition, the pinnacle team of football greats, Spain. If it's not your day, it's not your day.

Today was ruined by Gerrard and some bad decisions, not the youth.

Besides that, I never mentioned that you mentioned Rooney :)

hkgamer3657d ago

Rooney is great, though I think the bad season Utd had affected him.

With the Liverpool players, they are good, but they tend to just flop under pressure. Look at gerrard for example.

Just so everyone knows, I'm a Liverpool supporter

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