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McDonald’s clever tweet following Suarez biting incident

Well, in case you’ve missed it, Luis Suarez has done it again. The Uruguay striker was involved in yet another biting incident, the third of his career, with Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini’s the victim. Understandably, Social Media went crazy with discussion,banter, and vines as they discussed one of the most controversial players of all-time.

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Sandmano3135d ago

Well Im sure since it being Uruguays Macdonalds the fans there arent happy.

MajorLazer3135d ago

Suarez thought Chiellini was a Bigmac

Rute3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I hear there are four options on how the hamburger steak is broiled: well done, medium, rare, and Suarez.

pompombrum3133d ago

I'm sure he'll decline, he seems to prefer Italian and Serbian cuisine.

dboyman3133d ago

The way Luis Suarez is biting people, maybe he is underneath a cannibal waiting to happen?