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5 Reasons Why Brazil Can Win the 2014 World Cup

BR - Brazil are two games away from a sixth World Cup title, but more importantly a first on home soil to satisfy their demanding fans.

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asmith23063136d ago

Turns out there were 7 reasons why they couldn't!

LightDiego3136d ago

Exactly. :)
Take that CBF, corrupt garbage and friend of Fifa, we need a revolution here in Brazil, thanks to Germany to show us how weak Brazil is.

MajorLazer3136d ago

Brazil has been silenced! I wonder if the protests will intensify since not only did Brazil lose, but how badly they lost too

LightDiego3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

A lot of riots right now in the country, i was always against the World Cup here, the country has so many problems and could't afford an event like that, a lot of corruption as well.
But these idiots doing riots only now it's wrong in so many ways, the same idiots that were celebrating victories when the team was winning, now they should respect another teams to end the competition, Germany is better in every aspect and they deserve to be on the final, Brazil should left against Chile, to be honest.

Baka-akaB3136d ago

lol at the articles approvals . Some people are clearly having fun