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Highlights: Brazil 1 - 7 Germany ( Fifa World Cup 2014 - 08/07/14 )

0-1 Müller 11'

0-2 Klose 23'

0-3 Kroos 25'

0-4 Kroos 26'

0-5 Khedira 29'

0-6 Schurrle 69'

0-7 Schurrle 79'

1-7 Oscar 90'

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jak3y13oy1953d ago


Brazilian football will be at a all time low..

Germany tank on.

TheSaint1953d ago

Never bet against the Germans.

I've never said this before and I doubt I'll ever say this again: I'm glad I'm not Brazilian!

Nes_Daze1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Feel bad for Brazil, such a way to leave the tournament especially in your own country.

Instead of any Brazilian player showing brilliance, the whole team fell apart, this is the worst possible outcome for a weak Brazilian side against a very strong German side.

ProjectVulcan1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Found out in the end, it's been coming like I said in the Colombia comments. Brazil are an average side that rode their luck and had favourable decisions. Came up against genuine class today, and got destroyed. Horrific to watch, will stand as THE worst semi final performance for a very, very, very long time. Excruciating.

Also, David Luiz 50m?

Oh dear

asmith23061953d ago

While I agree, I think it's the opposite way around; Germany came up against an absolute mess. Most of the goals were walk ins due to diabolical defending.

asmith23061953d ago

Said it the whole way, Brazil are rubbish and needed help to get that far. Played ugly, went out ugly. Who told me that the Samba years weren't over? Yeah right! Chelsea laughing all the way to the bank with that David Luiz transfer.

RGB1953d ago

Like I said the other day, utterly average in every position and only Neymar looked a world beater!

I think people just went crazy for them because they beat a dated Spain system. Assuming because they did, they're the new standard, clearly not. The Netherlands did that too but needed penalties to beat Costa Rica. Hell, most of those Germany players got hammered by Madrid in the Champions League Quarter and Semi-Finals.

As vulcanproject said, 50m for Luiz, beat Mou & Roman are laughing to the bank. Saying that though, Silva will steady that ship at PSG.

Argentine, Germany final for me. I'd love Messi to win it too (coming from a Madrid supporter).

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The story is too old to be commented.