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Highlights: Brazil 0 - 3 Netherlands -WC 2014 - 12-7-14-


0-1 van Persie (Penalty) 3'

0-2 Blind 17'

0-3 Wijnaldum 90'+1'

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RGB3063d ago

Absolute shambles, I thought Thiago Silva would steady the ship for Brazil... I was clearly wrong.
Thiago should have gone, Luiz was beyond useless yet again.
PSG needs to worry big time now, them on an average day seem a massive liability. Guess they'll play the, "We'll score more goals that you" game. :/

asmith23063063d ago

Brazil are so useless now it's beyond belief. First step to return to the glory days is having the balls to drop David Luiz from the squad. Maybe then they will start to improve again.

Ben Dover3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Hey FIFA. Don't send a blind handicapped retarded monkey as the referee next time. The worst referee in the entire world cup. No red card given at the start, no card given for the elbow versus Kuyt and no penalty for Robben in the second half. Blatter is a laughable sad lonely man who got what he deserved. Brazil is a laughable poor overrated team who won't qualify for the next world cup and got destroyed and humiliated once more on their own ground.


RGB3063d ago

Somehow I completely agree with you... hahaha

Improv3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I like how you left out the bad calls against Brazil. Like the obvious penalty against Oscar that the ref carded the man for. Anyone can see that was a clear penalty not a dive.

PS: There was no penalty against Robben.

Ben Dover3062d ago

You poor blind delusional man :( Someone missed that Robben received a body check from behind while controlling the ball. Furthermore, the fact Silva wasn't given a red at the start, which he should have, was enough of a sign the referee wasn't fair and yet you complain about bad calls against Brazil. The irony..

vegnadragon3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

@Ben Dover
The first goal was a foul outside the box, no question, but it should have been a red card.

The second goal was offside.

As for the elbow that Kuyt got, i didn't find any intentional on it, and no one knew at the moment that contact made a wound, i though he was faking it at first until i saw the blood.

TheFallenAngel3063d ago

Robben, you diving pos. how is he not banned from FIFA yet?

pandehz3063d ago

Robben is auditioning for Goal 3

sjaakiejj3062d ago

If they banned players for diving, there wouldn't be any players left. That's how.

Besides, I've not seem him dive when no fouls were committed against him this game. Nor do I see how any of his dive actually changed the outcome of the game. Netherlands made two goals without a dive, Brazil 0. They would've lost regardless.

KingPin3062d ago

new drinking game:

Everytime Robben lands on his ass, have a shot.

Ben Dover3062d ago

Yea, no there was clearly no contact. Are you that blind? Or are you just lacking the braincells to judge what is happening on a screen? It's an honest question TheFallenAngel because you make yourself look incredibly stupid right now, and quite frankly I find your lack of insight rather laughable.

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The story is too old to be commented.