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FIFA 15 Cover Art Revealed

Twinfinite: Today, EA Sports has revealed the cover art for the latest entry in their commercially and critically successful soccer/futbol sports game, FIFA 15.

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krazykombatant3516d ago

LOL are you kidding me?!?!?

KingPin3516d ago

nevermind rooney and wilshere, i was thinking Fred and Moyes for 2015 would make a more complete cover. :P

windblowsagain3516d ago

Rooney's crap

Not sure why he would be on there anyway.

Put some decent players on it.

3516d ago
Android3516d ago

How about they choose a manager this time.....something like this on the front cover..

A2X_3516d ago

lol took me by surprise.

sho0ok3516d ago

Haha nice. How about David Moyes? He deserves to be on the cover, he did things for Manu that no won though it is even possible. Lool