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MK Dons’ Kit Supplier Sondico PWN Man Utd With Some EPIC BANT Outside Old Trafford…

Epic troll pwnage from MK Dons’ kit supplier Sondico here, with the official manufacturer of all the dingy old sports kit in your secondary school’s PE “lost and found” bin weighing in and dishing out some top epic bant outside Old Trafford via the tried and true medium of the mobile billboard lorry…

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b163o13075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I like Moyes, but United as a whole was impatient, and they are now they paying for it. Moyes was the man, but he wasn't given time to even settle. He's not SAF but United wanted him to be.

As a City fan I'm loving this, but as a futbôl fan it's sad to see a great manager not given time to manage his team...

Stringerbell3074d ago

Oh I'm loving it as an LFC fan as well. But you know thats the narrative these days at least in England. Managers aren't given enough time to develop, to implement their philosophy. Its why I'm glad that Brendan Rodgers has been given ample time with LFC. These owners get things twisted - yes you are a big club but a dynasty is not built overnight.

b163o13074d ago

Couldn't agree more on all points really, managers aren't given enough time to develop there squads, City came into there wealth in like 08 and it took awhile before we had a deep squad that could compete on all levels, but that goes back onto the time managers have these days cause we've had 3 different one's since 08. Kudos on signing my favorite player SuperMario, he's a beast when his head in the right place. Hope your season is as good as its was last year, cause I thought LFC was going to be lifting the trophy last year, Luis will be missed, but you'll have young talent which is always a great thing to have....

mcstorm3074d ago

I don't think Mayes was the right man to take over at united as he was too nice to start with. He never blamed the players and because he has not had a history of winning things we could not attract the players.

Do I think he could of won things with united I'm unsure. When we announced Mayes as our next manager I was happy but as the season went on united did not improve. For example look at Rodgers at Liverpool. His 1st season in charge was not the best but you could see Liverpool improving towards the end of the season. Also last season was a great season by his team who for me did not think they would make the top 4.

As for van gaal you can already see a difference in the players attitude and he has also come out and said the squad he has at the moment is not good enough and he is already brining in players to fit into his vision of united.

Do I think van gaal will win the league with United? Yes I do but it wont be this season. This season is all about improving the performance of the team and trying to get into the top 4 again. If united get into the top 4 this season (which I'm still not sure if we will or not) I can see us pushing to bring in players to go for the league next season.

Do I think United time is over I don't. I don't think united will dominate football like they did under Sir Alex because the league has changes a lot now and I think it will now be a battle between united, arsenal, man city liverpool and Chelsea for the league and top 4 for quite a few seasons now. Which for me is a great thing as it makes the league more interesting.