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Uefa considering Champions League seeding change

The way in which clubs are seeded for future draws in the competition could be altered in order to favour domestic title holders

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Stringerbell3366d ago

Needs to be done the five year structure does not account for quick falls and rises of clubs. For instance Arsenal were top seeded over Liverpool, thats a joke.

bluegoblin3366d ago

Funny how you absolutely contradict yourself. Arsenal have qualified for the past 17 years. Liverpool hasnt been there for years now and you expect them to be top seed? That wouldnt really be a 5 year structure would it?

ProjectVulcan3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Liverpool should clearly be near the bottom of ranked sides for the competition having not been in it for 5 solid years.

As it is, they still got a very favourable draw compared to say Man City who have been in it 3 years and improved.