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Highlights: Chelsea 4-2 Swansea (EPL '13/9/14')

Goal -

0-1 John Terry (Own Goal) 11'

1-1 Diego Costa 45'

2-1 Diego Costa 56'

3-1 Diego Costa 68'

4-1 Remy 81'

4-2 Shelvey 86'

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-Mezzo-3536d ago

This was just awesome, i am still confused as to why i don't have Costa and Febregas on my Fantasy Team, Damn.

goku323593535d ago

I just remembered what having a competent striker feels like, and man, it feels good. 7 goals in 4 games, absolutely extraordinary for Costa.

badz1493534d ago

Costa just arrived at the perfect time. Chelsea have been too focused on Midfielders for attack especially when Lampard was in and he is a long shooter. that was why Chelsea's strikers didn't have much to offer but occasional balls coming their way or lose balls and corners. now that Lampard is gone, there are no longer dominant figure that dominates attacking and the likes of Oscar and Hazard can get back to their main function in the midfield with creating chances and as support to the strikers.

asmith23063535d ago

Costa is looking rather good. Wonder if he stays injury free, because they haven't got much to replace him at the moment.

silvacrest3534d ago

i was thinking the same, remy is there and was pretty good last season but still unproven for chelsea, i would hate for him to end up like Ba

listenkids3534d ago

Chelsea won't get touched this season.


mcstorm3534d ago

Im thinking the same but I do worry for them if Costa gets injured. Still think it will be an interesting season but I think Chelsea will finish as champions. I do think City will mess up this season like they did after they won the league the 1st time as they seem to get big headed as champions and think a game is already won before kick off. I also think Liverpool will be the team outside the top 4 and its a fight between United Arsenal and Spers for the top 4.

theshredded3534d ago

Chelsea already won the EPL league

big_dom_part_23534d ago

You're a complete knob if you believe that. And to even say it, yeah, complete knob.

Watch City do them next and bring them back down to earth.