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Highlights: Manchester United 4 - 0 Queens Park Rangers (EPL '14/9/14')

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1-0 Di Maria (24')

2-0 Herrera (36')

3-0 Rooney (44')

4-0 Mata (58')

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-Mezzo-3069d ago

HUH, they finally won.

PaPa-Slam3069d ago

Their next 3 games are against rather weak opponents so i hope these will help them get back in shape for the rest of the League.

asmith23063069d ago

Their defense still looks fragile. Di Maria was class from out wide today. Looking forward to seeing them play a top four team.

KingPin3069d ago

they looked good today but at the form QPR is in, it doesnt count for much.

good to see the new players gelling in.

next 3 games should prime them up for chelsea and city back to back.

based on this performance, top 4 seems possible. heres hoping.

ProjectVulcan3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Liverpool put out all their new 'talent' at home to Villa who just escaped relegation last season, got one shot on target all game.

United did it, battered QPR. Half United's players on the field today have barely half a dozen appearances for the senior team between them, and that's without Shaw who is likely to be first choice when he is fully fit.

While this is no measure of the season to come as QPR are likely relegation bound, United look like they have bought well. Their slow start has not hampered them too much either, with rivals for the top 4 not taking off just yet either.

Di Maria was naturally top class, but Herrera and Blind impressed too, particularly Blind controlling the game.

A few more games to ease in the new players before the real tests next month.