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MLS Herald Brave New Dawn By Launching Completely Underwhelming New Logo (Photo)

Having spent the last 20 years labouring under the same branding, the MLS has regenerated today, with the entire organisation getting a head-to-toe makeover as it moves into its next phase – a phase which they are rather handily referring to as their “NEXT” phase.

Of course, with a new re-brand comes a new logo and replacing the now-synonymous retro blue and green “cleat/ball” logo of yesterday comes a cool, crisp, exclusive, aspirational and dynamic symbol of MLS’s brave new dawn.

Without further ado, here is the aforementioned new NEXT logo – prepare to be slightly underwhelmed…

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Stringerbell3056d ago

Thats the best they could come up with?

-Mezzo-3056d ago

I agree, it's seems like something i would come up with.

Stringerbell3055d ago

I would like to see the rejected logos!