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Highlights: Leicester City 5 - 3 Manchester United ( EPL 21/9/14 )

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0-1 van Persie (13')

0-2 Di Maria (16')

1-2 Ulloa (17')

1-3 Herrera (57')

2-3 Nugent (62')

3-3 Cambiasso (64')

4-3 Vardy (79')

5-3 Ulloa (83')

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-Mezzo-3059d ago

Even if with the likes of Falcao, Di Maria, Van persie, Rooney they can get humiliated by them, there is no hope.

b163o13059d ago

Lmao United are trash, hope they can there manager as quick as they did Moyes. After all the talk about how this guy he's doing worst then Moyes. Llf Manchester is blue.

Llf United should move to the MLS to be competitive

badz1493059d ago

Those 4 you mentioned weren't to blame. They played solid and provided 3 goals! The back 3 is total shit and why does LVG think that those clowns can be played in 3-4-3 formation is beyond me. They sold 3 of their best defenders all at once and has no backup.

Sahil3059d ago


asmith23063059d ago

LOL!! Blame the ref all you want, Utd were terrible at the back regardless.

KingPin3059d ago

for the first hour, united were fine.
at 3-2 they were shaky.
at 3-3 they fell apart.

cant really blame di maria, rooney, RVP and falcao. between them there were 3 goals scored.

the defence is where the blame lies.

no excuses but you have to admit there was a foul on rafael before he barely touched the guy for the penalty. but either way, penalty or not, that defence was complete shit.

guess city, arsenal and chelsea are fighting for the title. united and liverpool are fighting to see which team sucks the most. both spent over 100mil and are sitting in the bottom half with a point separating them.

Yokan3059d ago

This is the BPL were talking about dont discard Man U just like that!

I just hope they get a CL Spot, I hope Man U owner doesnt turn to the Next Abramovich and start sacking managers left and right...

theshredded3059d ago

F* Yeah!Leicester are no wimps,they're beasts!

Yokan3059d ago

They played great football towards the dying minutes, but Man Us defense were total shit.

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