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Roma Sign 9-Year-Old Belgian Youtube Prodigy By The Name Of Pietro Tomaselli

This little chap you see before ye is Pietro Tomaselli, a nine-year-old Belgian kid who just so happens to be AS Roma’s latest signing.

In what we assumed was a dying tradition, Roma have pilfered Tomaselli from Anderlecht’s youth academy after cottoning on to Youtube videos of the prodigious little urchin in action….

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Stringerbell3057d ago

Quite the little talent...

3-4-53055d ago

It's OBVIOUS he's much more skilled than anyone else he's playing against in the videos and those seem to be kids a few years older than him, judging just by the height.

* He could LITERALLY play against High school Students on an average high school team in the U.S., and most likely do "ok".....

Not bad

Stringerbell3055d ago

I noticed the larger kids as well. Won't be surprised to see him being loaned out to a club in the Series B by the time he is 16/17. And probably will be making his debut for Roma shortly after...

nix3056d ago

wow... he's amazing.