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La Liga Highlights: Real Madrid 5 -1 Elche 23/09/2014

0 - 1 15' Edu Albácar (PG)

1 - 1 20' G. Bale (G) (assist by: J. Rodríguez)

2 - 1 28' Cristiano Ronaldo (PG)

3 - 1 32' Cristiano Ronaldo (G) (assist by: Marcelo)

4 - 1 80' Cristiano Ronaldo (PG)

5 - 1 90'+2 Cristiano Ronaldo (G) (assist by: G. Bale)

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KingPin2022d ago

bloody hell.
8 goals in 3 games.


BlackPhillip6662022d ago

Cheats activated for pen takes away from a good player pity.

KingPin2022d ago

2 penalties from 8 goals...yeah, really takes so much away from the player he is. smh

monkeyDzoro2021d ago

It's 4 penalties from 8 goals. And ALL 4 were false. So yeah...

KingPin2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

i'd call you a monkey but you beat me to it.

Real Madrid vs Basel - 1 goal. no pens
deportivo vs real madrid - 3 goals. no pens
real madrid vs elche - 4 goals. 2 pens.

funny how you saying the ones against elche were false, but when it happened, the defenders didnt even protest against the decision.

yet again, the eyes seeing only what they want to see.

@alb1899 below
Those people are called HATERS.

Scrivlar2021d ago

It's 3 pens from the last 9 goals actually, which even taken away are 6 in 4 games.

alb18992021d ago

People always have to say something wrong about CR7. No matter what he does.