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Highlights: UEFA Champions League [Group Stage] - Liverpool 0-3 Real Madrid (22/10/14)

Ronaldo (23')
Benzema (30')
Benzema (41')

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Stringerbell2812d ago

All around horrible defending from LFC. The only notable players that gave it their all were Sterling and to a lesser extent Coutinho.

asmith23062812d ago

Yeah, they are woeful in defense, same as last year really. Difference being their attack is rubbish this year. No Suarez, and to and extent, no Sturridge. Plus any team with Joe Allen in their starting line up isn't exactly destined for greatness.

xX_Altair_Xx2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Heard some guy on TalkSh*te saying that Henderson, Sterling and possibly Gerrard would get into this Real team - had to pull the car over coz i was in tears laughing. Seriously, if Liverpool have any ambition of getting to the top again, they have to replace guys like Henderson and Lallana with world class players. Henderson is average - no idea why Souness was singing his praises pre-match.

Dont get me wrong, I'm a Utd fan and we have problems of our own. But at least buying players like Di Maria and Falcao, and chasing the likes of Hummels and Vidal are a step in the right direction. Lallana, Balotelli, Lovren - what was Rodgers thinking? Liverpool were lucky, Real stepped off in the second half coz of Clasico, couldve been much worse.

FRAKISTAN2811d ago

Real stepped off in the second half coz of Clasico, couldve been much worse.


neoragex2811d ago

"I'm a Utd fan"

good luck in the europa league tonight........

xX_Altair_Xx2811d ago

Lol, says an AC milan fan. AC have fallen so low we'll all be dead and buried before they even get back into the Champs league. Ha, ha.

neoragex2811d ago

Mate, you dont talk shit about others, when you're own team is losing to the likes of leicester and MK Dons. Wait till you play the big boys, it wud be equally amusing.

fellaini for 27m?
Shaw for 30m?
Rojo for 18m?


Yep, as if you are getting into the CL next year hahahahahahha

Jonnyquest3212811d ago

But you're always the one who starts talking shit. When AC lose how many people comment? No one even cares, yet everytime UTD lose you're here chatting crap. Bottom line, AC are a worse team than UTD and are in a worse position so calm down

xX_Altair_Xx2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Lol, clearly you cant read. I even said Utd have problems like Liverpool. Why dont we talk about your racist club with its pedo owner? AC are down the toilet - accept it and move on. They have to resort to freebies like Honda and Taraabt LMFAO. No need to take your anger out on other clubs and society generally.

Stringerbell2811d ago

Balotelli cost nothing its a gamble if it doesent pay off, oh well no harm done. Lovren was one of the best defenders from last year season so its not an out of the blue choice for LFC to have sought him out.

Truth be told they did not plan on selling Suarez these option in attack minus Mario were meant to compliment him. Obviously the bite at the WC ruined the whole plan and there was a scramble.

As for United well okay your team hasn't addressed its problems in the slightest wither, hello defense? Falcao was unnecessary you had had a good striker, but he now plays for Arsenal...

Linwelin2811d ago

^^ Someone who knows what they talking about, very rare for this site. Well put.

PS4OUR2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Balotelli a gamble? Mourinho, Mancini and other big club managers couldn't work with him. How is Brendon Rodgers supposed to get anything out of him?
I love how Balotelli is all of a sudden a gamble when he couldn't hack it at other big clubs.

Suarez proved he carried this Liverpool side. Championship winning teams can still perform when one of their star players is missing. That much can't be said for Liverpool. No excuses here. If you want to compete with the elite of elite clubs you have to get quality. I fail to see how Markovic, Origi, and Ricki 'freakin' Lambert can improve Liverpool to challenge in Europe.

Looking at the statistics, which is the odd one out: Rooney, Falcao, Van Persie, Welbeck. Van Gaal deemed one of them surplus to requirements because his goalscoring record is not good enough for a club like United compared to his striker teammates. But of course you know better than Van Gaal so we lost a world class centre forward to Arsenal.

RGB2811d ago

Sorry but you are clueless, like PS4OUR said, if Mou, Mancini + others couldn't handle Mario, Rodgers doesn't stand a chance.

LFC's signings are junk. He overspent on several players too.

Balotelli wasn't a gamble, at £16M, Milan robbed you blind.

Stringerbell2811d ago

First off the club is missing its best striker. The same player who shined last year while Suarez was suspended remember that? LFC was in and out of first place w/out Suarez so that point is moot. More so I give a lot of credit to Rodgers in shaping Sturbridge into the player he is today. I also credit him with holding onto Suarez that year and getting the best from him that season. As I said before the plan was to keep Suarez. His antics changed all that. The club sought a replacement with no viable options and little time- Mario was a steal. Lastly I don't know more than Van Gaal but I imagine I could have led United to a 3-0 loss to MK Dons instead of 4.

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RGB2811d ago

British media are just laughable. BBC was signing LFC's praises, how Henderson and Sterling could get a result against Madrid, same with Sky. Lawro even said at the weekend, with a fit Sturridge, LFC could have won... Clueless!

Madrid completely owned LFC. Pepe & Varane played insanely well, never gave LFC a chance. 2nd half was a training session for Madrid. Literally no threat against them, wasting plenty chances, could have been 7-0 with Madrid at full tilt.

LFC fans;
"Never in doubt. Sign of Champions ‪#‎LFC‬ ‪#‎YNWA‬ ‪#‎WeGoAgain‬"
"Istanbul all over again ‪#‎YNWA‬"
"One night in Liverpool, Ancelotti to bottle it again"

LFC going out at the 1st hurdle! :)

PS4OUR2811d ago

I told my mate last season European clubs will easily expose Liverpool now that Suarez is not there anymore and their faliure to patch up their defence with quality signings. Not to mention their inability to properly replace Suarez with quality.

Brendon Rodgers: "qualifying for the Champions League is attracting players to Anfield"
Goes and buys Ricki Lambert, Markovic and Adam Lallana.

RGB2811d ago

Couldn't agree more, sad how I got 3 disagrees too. LFC is junk, barely Europa League quality and judging other English sides, they'd crumble in that too.

People just can't deal with facts. La Liga is the best league in world football with the best teams.

neoragex2811d ago


xX_Altair_Xx2811d ago


PS4OUR2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

This article is about the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid. I fail to see the relevance to Man United fans here.
But one thing is sure, there are more opposition fans obsessed with Man United than their own supporters.
What a strange world we live in.