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Manchester United - Who's the hidden hero?

Manchester United spent more than £150 million this summer. With all the new reinforcements we are spoilt for choice to find United's X-Factor.

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umarsrao2598d ago

I think it's Wayne Roonie!

Yi-Long2597d ago

For me, DiMaria is Utd's best player, BY FAR, and also one of the best in the Premier League. Fantastic player.

Rooney sadly never lived up to his potential. Very good player, but he's never been real world class.

adityarawal252597d ago

Yi-Long No doubts on the fact that Di-Maria is world class player but Rooney has been rock solid at United. He has helped United win the league several times. If you ask me he's pretty under rated.

pompombrum2597d ago

I'd also agree with Blind, casual fans won't recognize his contributions but the Old Trafford faithful will, I reckon he will be the fans player of the year.

Crossing my fingers for Falcao though, once he starts finding his shooting boots, he's going to be an absolute goal machine.

adityarawal252597d ago

aiBreeze i totally agree with you, Falcao needs to find that form fast! Blind has been making a big impact since his arrival. Lets see how United line up tomorrow vs Chelsea.

umarsrao why do you think so?

umarsrao2597d ago

Because, I think so! LOl...! I don't know, I don't watch soccer anymore, more but when I used to watch is Wayne Ronnie was one of the best players!

adityarawal252597d ago

Wayne Rooney is still one of the best players in the league! But I think this season belongs to Daley Blind!

windblowsagain2597d ago

Rooney is nowhere near one of the best players, overrated more like.

As for di maria, I get him confused with roland rat.

pompombrum2597d ago

I agree with Rooney but if you can't don your neutral specs to respect what Di Maria brings to Utd, then you're opinion is meaningless.

fOrlOnhOpe572597d ago

I honestly thought Di Maria was a totally wrong buy in the beginning but he's been a real revelation in the Premiership so far, for United.
The one I feel sorry for is Juan Mata. For such a huge talent, he's looked like a dead man walking in recent weeks.